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university of california, los angeles
at last job, the only local university was a UC
so i applied to UCLA while applying to that school
because its the same application you just check what schools at the end
its expensive and theyre not known for engineering
its a lot nicer than usc, though, its in west la
which is like, for the rich people who want to live between hollywood and the beach
usc is like, south LA, totally ghetto, you dont leave campus because maybe you die
both are shit in terms of value compared to CSU (california state university)

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waste of app fee =(

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so UCLA told me i wasnt accepted today
haha i forgot i applied

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solved ^

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rab: and you just have a PCB mount BNC in the middle?
yeah im realizing i never looked that hard

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i mostly use the china probes i got an 8 pack of
they look like they come from the same mold as the rigol probes
and they work better than 20-40 year old tek probes

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like, 4 diff labs, diff companies, pretty much same noise floor
if you want better than a few mv, you have to get agressive with grounding and shielding and isolating sources etc etc etc
rab: =(

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thats like 3mV of noise
thats like the same as most engineers labs ive ever worked in
you only get less if you entire signal chain is balaned, shielded, and youre looping the DUT back into a high performance soundcard or an AP
ill spin the ground clips around the probes a bunch to make sure theyre cleaner
watch out, some older tek stuff is fragile
like, compared to modern tek and china probes
plastic is really hard, snaps
rab: so you think my ceramic rack tube tek is a danger to society?
reza: 3mV is pretty typical
for an engineering lab environment

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or the distance between the power cable of the system and the scope, or lack of distance
the amp isnt unity gain stable
and thats inconsistent amplitude HF oscillation zoomed way out
does it have 1x/10x mode?
switch modea and adjust scope for same scale and see if its diff

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if thats the case, you can prob increase that, along with adding RC filters to the inputs
but yeah, of the shit is only loaded by 10R its prob not going to perform to spec
i was wrong its $3 for a single channel
but its really cute
okay yeah then its prob not input noise
so my guess is still the amp is just unloaded
you can probably try down to 1K without problems
also make sure you are grounded near the amp gnd or your system star gnd
if you dont star gnd, voodoos are not happy at your project
yeah but 40mA is a lot
so my next guess is probe cable
or the ground clip

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whats the load on the output
if the load is more than like, 10K, put ~10K in parallel with the load, near the destination is prob best
yeah it wants a load
try something big like 100k
see if that makes a huge diff, then go from there
it turns higher frequencies common mode
and they are cancelled out
the higher the freq, the more shows up on the opposite pin, the more its cancelled
you can increase it but eventually itll start to affect your input
i think youre sencing very low frequencies?
like low audio spectrum

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how much is that?
fuck like almost $3 for the dual
`nico: sup mofo
reza: put like 1--pf across the input see if that helps

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aleda rolling paper are nitrocellulose, its like a burning plastic
dude im not trying to track my bike every day

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_unreal_: wat
so youre saying i just shouldnt lock my bike
i should just leave it
and itll be safer
do you know how many people stare at my bike or are all like, WOW NICE BIKE I LIKE I WNT
u can cut most u locks about as fast as that cable lock
decent bolt cutters
and the reason this bike is valuable is because its light
so carrying a 20 lb lock on my while riding it kind defeats the point
dude if im gonna get some bolt cutters
im getting the 4ft ones
because 2ft is about as conspicuous as 4ft
when youre standing next to a fucking bike
blackmoon: haha
i would go after storage lockers
i think so

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like, when im fucked up beat going up hills
i dont get off the bike
because its more effort to get off and push than to just pedal real slow
brake by wire?
fuck all that
hahah, sell ABS to the bike community
so i went over this with my friend
and almost bought a NYC style chain lock
but then friend noted, the reason i spent so much was to make the bike light
how is it useless
sculptor youre a smart guy but thats just retarded
how long does it takes to steal a bike without a lock?
how long does it take an AVERAGE PERSON to break a chain lock?
i know right
its just someone gettin their bike
the point of theft deterence is to increase the time and effort it takes to steal the thing
to makes it less profitable in the eyes of the thief
no theft deterent is 100%
blackmoon: of throwing 8" tails of sparks with a sawzall
it prob takes longer to steal a bike with a good chain, using a cutting wheel, than a stop sign
stop sign seems like 30 seconds

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but its fun with the seat dropped all the way down
when i was drunk i would hop around all the way home
right but this a cruiser
like, my old robinson racing cruiser was same, super long gearing
but my haro, tank bike, has short gearing
no its not a fixie
it has two freewheels!
because flip flop hub
i have a 13 or 14 on one side, and a 16 on the other
i never use the 16 tho
BMX are never fixed
you would break your knees trying to do a BMX track on a fixie
break your knees doing fixie on the streets too
life aint no velodrome
yeah its not like, real-time
its basically a race setup thing
no theyre both free wheels
its a single gear bike
but if i want i can change the gearing
its just so light i never use the short gearing, i want longer gears

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sculptor: 24" bmx cruiser, low profile 6061 aluminum frame, aluminum bars and rims, carbon fiber and steel forks, 180mm crank and long gearing, sealed hub, headset and bottom bracket bearings, 1.5" micro-knobby street tires, long quick adjust seat post so i can actually cruise
the long seat post was def the hardest part to find
^ bike with no name
its basically a grown up BMX
right but typically BMX types will ride with the seat all the way down on 3" posts
its basically there to keep from impaling your asshole if you slip off the pedals
the low profile frame on my bike kind of makes it worse

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zeeshan: i dont think tank bike girl will fuck
because im going to send a pic of the bike i built and am keeping
and its like, opposite bike, aluminum and carbon fiber, 1.5" micro knobby street tires
and like, i think the thickness of your downtube is what this chick is into

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the clamps flex and then they kind of push themselves off the work
if you over tighten those
theyre badass for wood tho
just go to lowes and get a bunch of c clamps?
they make big ones
staples and scotch tape
i hope you m3ean moons idea

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zeeshan: you need to be able to plastic wrap the shit to do it right
the wheels at least
besides padding it
ive done that
ex said she used them until the silicone broke down
was long after we ended the relationship
yeah i dont know what happened to those
my face was the clear over green and skintone stripes
she did throw them in the dumpster
so they are prob in china
those work really well
yeah totally

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blackmoon: im selling my bike on craigslist
and there is like, a girl from texas wants it
she talks about her bmx like an old cat lady talks about her cats
shes 1000 miles away
but yeah she has the normal finish versions of my bike, so she wants the clear over bare steel one
is neat you can see the TIG welds and all the surface rust where the paint is nicked
she offered $75
above what i asked
naw thats not enough
i said i would look into how much it costs, would let her know
and she responded like, ill give you $100 more
thats what they do
anyway, i told her if she paypals me $320 ill have them ship it

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yeah the lines blend man
ive met both
yeah thats not what im talking about
obviously dude
they never say they dont use math, they say they dont use most of the math they learned in school
okay well sounds like youve worked in some silly ass places
laters man

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seriously get your big head out your ass, i dunno wtf you just spent the last 20 minutes arguing about
thermouples = truth
a lot of times its faster than running new FEA
i never said math isnt important
its never the only important thing
because were having a general convo
i said they dont trip on the math
most all of them make comments about not using the majority of the math theyve learned
these are great engineers
lots of great products
21:48:48 < zeeshan> the same fucks who can't use a verneir caliper and are designing parts
now whos being the generalizing ass?
respectfully, go fuck yourself bye =)
ive worked in engineer labs longer, no?
suddently you are knowledgeable about all engineers?

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because theyre not working on ultra critical systems, and have known metrics to hit
thats not shit talking
thats how the shit you use every day is made
there are safety standards, you design according to them
dont assume every place is like where you work
excuse me?
dude you optimize cost, performance, and you hit your safety and electromagnetic compliance standards
doing much more than a good safety margin is wasting money
wasting money is bad for business
what you mathed and simmed?
yeah so you design with overhead
right, we did that with solidworks and testing and basic Rth math
pretty much every project
i never said otherwise
wtf testing with overhead is a sanity check
its the only valid sanity check
gotta go bye

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well your tech college sucked
mine had theory
so what are you talking about
right because they were teaching you how to do things
honestly calc is just doing the math over and over, its not that complicated
thats canada
most one line definitions are bad!
yeah man welcome to the real world
where nothing goes from zero to anything without hitting all the points in between
im accepted in fall
im not that bitter im pretty excited
wtf is your issue
dude i was accepted in january
you gonna shift out of douche mode?
because i said an ME and ME and ID are diff people?
and because i said lots of ME dont trip on calculus everyday

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sound engineer?
and thats some bullshit
if i grad a engineering program, im an engineer
i dont pay for no fucking license
im pretty sure the guys driving trains need licenses
and im pretty sure the term engineer in that context actually comes from them having to solve problems in the middle of nowhere with little resources while riding the back of a steam bomb
im not planning to do ME
and most ME dont trip on math, because simulators and calculatorsa
gee thanks
because as an EE you dont have to be really good at math or anything
dude do you think the bulk of ME are working on crazy high criticality systems?
your work specializes
again, your work specializes
right because i know shit about acoustics
yeah i dont know shit about pressure of waves
youre right, i was so far off every fucking time, thats how i earned my rep as an acoustic tech

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the design of the look of a product is usually done by industrial designer, basically 3d graphic artists
the implimentation of the look of a product is done by ME
manufacturing engineers make sure a part is made correctly
to the spec of the ME
ME are needed because ID usually dont know shit, technically, other than gap, step, and tolerance stackups
zeeshan: do you work in mass production consumer product development?
ID is industrial design
which is a misleading name
manufacturing engineers are not responsible for designing the mechanicals of a product
theyre like the link between the factory line, the sustaining engineers, and the design engineers
yeah that doesnt sound like something sold to consumers
where look matters
mechanical engineers end up doing manufacturing engineering when the factory line cant support itself
basically when there is a lack of manufacturing engineering capability
whatever, engineer means you graduated from an ABET certified engineering program
job titles dont mean anything
except how much you are paid
and what you do all day

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electronics = voodoo wizard shit
jero32: honestly its not bad practice, a lot of basic electronics is basically logic gates implimented with mechanical or solid state switches
alot of the support circuits in switching PSU are like that
like, yeah fuck an AND gate, two 2N3904 is cheaper
yes because telephone tech tends to be rooted in the 1930s
please no

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no idea
if it was the case, im glad i didnt take the advice
vrooom: you mean mechanical engineering?
if yes, not at all
mechanical engineers have a difficult job
they are responsible for implimentation of the look, but not the design of the look
they have to interface pretty much every other field of development engineering
and they have to deal with *everyone* thinking they are a mechanical engineer
ME jobs dont always pay more
in a lot of cases, youre just a draftsman

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