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jezus fuck cd burners
it did the pop the tray before verification, scared the shit out of me
sculptor: haha
sculptor: avr is pretty badass
avr != arduino

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and the UI generally get better
like it takes a few years of customers bitching
timecop: yeah looks like they just want to see some shit released with an open license
specifically software

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so its $5k if you dont want to use a usb logo
yeah eagle is console cad based, when i was using it all the time, like half the shit i did was with text commands
UI is on crack but its fast
its autocad for PCBs
is there a script that will flip all labels to a consistent side?
like above and left, or some shit
if not that would be cool to write to learn how
because im always doing that shit
horiz parts suck because you have to rotate, mirror, rotate
open src software or the whole project

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so ids cost money
are you going to make enough money on this to cover one?
welcome to the human condition, do an ftdi version, if it sells redo it without the ftdi chip
or get a loan
usb loan
im surprised they havent started that scam
or i dunno maybe they have
put your id on layaway

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if you have to think very much about it, fuckit just use the ftdi chip
what does this need to fit into
make a dongle and use your own proprieary connectory
half assed drivers are by far one of the biggest consumer embedded turn offs

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and if another eagle opens them, itll pop up an error that it came from pirated eagle
yeah im not even sure it saves valid data
there was a juarez utility called legalizer
that would unscramble the saved files
but it didnt work very long
i think its right away
but its common you work on a pcb for days right
so worst case, you install, set up project
work on it for days with the program open, and it acts like its saving fine
and you go to open again next session, days of work gone
anyway, there have always been working eagle cracks
but theres less of them than fucked up ones
anyway if you ask around, someone prob still has the last EAGLE 4 version that works
i think copy protection after that actually kinda works

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i think thats what was on the retarded alienware laptops at SV/KRK
er, CV/KRK
synth: i only used it to look at some schematics but it kind of seemed like something in between orcad and pads, in terms of annoyance
pads isnt hard to use
its deep tho
and some of the common features are done with console commands
you dont just pick it up and run with it
eagle is german, its an acronym its actually EAGLE
easy applicable graphical layout editor
i would just learn eagle
they have cheap license options if you dont want to pay and your shit is too big for free eagle
i wouldnt pirate eagle
theyre sneaky
youll get it installed and itll let you use it
and itll save files fine
itll just never let you open them again

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if youre used to working a certain way, it can be annoying as fuck
but it was a decent UI, fast enough
timecop was its biggest advocate and i guess its pissing him off
so i dunno whats up with it lately
so eagle for a beginner is like, sledge hammer to the dome
maybe orcad
theres prob clicker things
fuck man
where is inittab
anyway pc stfu
but yeah im trying to remember when i used altium

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copy performed a copy + paste
cut performed a group copy
and paste only pasted what was copied by cut
the copy tool was specifically for single parts and cut and paste were for multiple parts
sucks to learn but everyone does
not they changed it so it makes sense
and its killing my workflow because i keep trying to do it the tradition cracked out way
_unreal_: everything i said is truth
yeah i did a few jobs for timecop with it
honestly its not bad

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yeah im not impressed with alternatives
have you used kicad lately? or freepcb?
no hope for geda
kicad prob way better than when i tried it and was still super french
fuckit ive invested years into this fucked ui i just keep pushin on
like, i literally for upset i had to learn to hit copy before pasting and the scissors are gone
kind of hit me how ass fucking backwards the UI is
*got upset
cut paste and copy used to be crackish in eagle

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because you said thor
it makes sense
its not super funny but it does make sense
macegr: you still using eagle?

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that would make more sense
looks like maxim has taken over the roles signetics and fairchild use to play
should have installed xp

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`nico: i got legit solidworks and free toolpath plugin working \o/
oh shit
rab: status of authenticity of ad in topic
i want a natsemi hoody
a hooded sweatshirt with the logo of a now dead company on it

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guy who drew that is an ass
i was going to go play with solidworks =(

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which is usually some discrete analog hacker shit
the output sections themselves are extremely simple, so if they blow up chances are the problem isnt actually the output section
without L1 it should just be unloaded PWM
but again, no telling how the feedback and protection circuitry will react to that
im guessing itll run fine like that
class-d amps usually arent that smart
so you need something with similar q
or else itll burn up
im not looking at the circuit i didnt see a link
like, without L1 you basically turned it from a class-d amp into a class-d controller

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maybe my mom
so class-d is a lot like SMPS in that problems usually happen in the secondary circuits

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legit solidworks is installing
class-d is a bipolar variable switch mode power supply
its basically like, PWM a giant LC filter
SMPS has a fixed reference, in class-d the audio is the reference
speakers dont like square waves =(

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all parts are chinese

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yeah but breathing it, thats cool
that wont fuck you up
synth: yeah but we have lots of it
like we think were taking down the death star
and its dudes on camels
i loved how congress didnt approve enough APCs before the wars
and got all pissed hummers werent armored to withstand direct hits
its like, hummers are jeeps
it has enough tanks
army doesnt want more
congress is making them buy more because they dont want to close down the plants
naw not really
no wars in the last 60 years

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