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catbyte: then maybe shouldnt be a musician
if its youre calling you will make or perform music regardless
kids or no kids
bills or no bills
profit or no profit
and that last line is what you dont get
catbyte: i give hundreds of $$$ a year pretty much directly to artists for live music
they dont charge me for their music
its been like this for least 15 years
enough people pay for it

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musicians perform once, perfectly, and expect to make millions?
it happens sometimes, but musicians were historically expected to perform or make music, constantly, to earn a living
none of this, do it once really well, sit on your ass and make the money bullshit
you know what thats called in other art?
thats not real music, its just a copy, a print
worth pennis on the dollar if that
right its a copy
a poster version of a painting
it shouldnt be worth much
catbyte: you cant steal live music
you cant digitize experiences

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artists struggle
artists are supposed to struggle
it tends to produce better art
its supposed to be a struggle
and a comittment
you gave up the chance of stable income
welcome to every field of art
ripped off for what?

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macegr: depends on if they have work or not
for $$$, ive had PCBA done quick turn like in a day
like, had to drive down there hair on fire with parts, etc etc
but ive heard other stories of like, *months* to get a quote
and no i dont know how much it is

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