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so your game is basically a smoothed 3 dimensional array of blocks?
how big are the voxels?
ha, cool
so the water actually is puffy?
wasnt sure if the was just the angle
does it slosh yet?!
slosh algorithms are prob black holes

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blackmoon: woah

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was just loading pwm values from flash on a timer interupt
like, avrfreak couldnt figure out how to time the uart asynchronously, for some museum display project
and it needed to be at 32khz, so he just clocked the whole fucking micro at 32khz
i dunno, one of the dip8 tiny chips i think
you just need 1 pin, heh

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i dont care so much, i havent thought about the guy in years probably
because people sent him parts
which he lost
they blew away at a bus stop, or something
actually i think there is a deeper thruth
oh but i left out that i completed his throbbing beacon sim in one night
code done, prototyped on an stk500
its a rotating light in front of a reflector
so you have to pwm the LED to simulate that

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but it was hard for me because he decided to hate me
because when he first came here
he was going on and on about why avr was the best uC ever, better than pic
i <3 the shit out of avr, and he was annoying to listen to
anyway, he didnt know that the lower 16 registers of the avr core arent full functional
i dont remember the details, but it has to do with certain immediate opcodes
and he argued this into the dirt, that all the regs were fully functional, and that i was an asshole retard mother fucker whatever
so i showed him multiple atmel docs showing this, including the r16:r31 syntax in the opcodes
and he didnt admit that he was wrong
and afterwards he decided i was a horrible person, sucked at everything, was a liability to all around me
and thats avrfreak
so its hard for me to have too much sympathy
also i am not the most empathetic person to begin with

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he was like a digital electronics project trainwreck
he spent like, years on this beacon simulator for model trains
it was just a blinking LED
he was, this is a sci/tech channel, hed of been bant if he was that annoying and completely lacking in knowledge
but he wasnt that smart
he thought he was #1 genius, which was the issue
because he sucked at electronics, but would talk shit about everyone elses ideas/solutions/whatever
yeah but like, maybe in his 50s
health issues
was, like prob 20 years before he started coming here
people felt sorry for him, because old and poor health

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he was horrible at avr asm
i dont think its been that long, but its been close
no i dont think so, he cant help himself
and wed recognize his signature typos
avrtafewdvgk usejd to trwLQAKW LIREK THIS
he came back with variations on the nick
but yeah, been long time
and hes famous for being an ass
there was an era where it was like, him and stu(pid) being retarded all the fuckin time
like we can all be retarded, but most of of contribute
*of us
avrfreak just talked shit, and the majority of the time he was wrong
timecop is like an upstanding citizen of efnet in comparison

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dx^: !
also avrfreak was smart, but he didnt understand that it didnt make him exceptional here
and did we ever confirm that his wife was his wife?
because i think he said she wasnt

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