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then i have the same issue with the dc jacks
fuckit, everything panel mount

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blackmoon: do not want threaded jacks
lessee what the VLZ4 do
their shit is all threaded panel mount

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the 'o' in the TurboRAT logo is also an enabled LED
because awesome

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blackmoon: vertical miniplug jack, through hole
do you buy vert miniplug jacks, and live with the height difference versus other jacks
or do you get RA miniplug jacks (more common) and mount on daughterboard with RA pin headers mating the main and daughter PCB
i cant think of anything horrible with the daughterboard, ill prob go overkill on the pin header, lots of ground
i dont like the idea of pulling up on vert miniplug jack solder mounts infiniti times
i could make a case like that out of aluminum, about the same thickness, not for a stombox, should be pretty strong?

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