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this is for appleshit?

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ive done the dds thing in realtime on an 8b micro, im sure doing it on a pc, not realtime, will be easier
yeah thats what im calling it its not really a synth

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direct digital synthesis
is basically, take a wave table, use an acumulator to step through it
step size determines frequency, so high frequencies, you skip huge chunks of the table
at very low frequency, lower than 0.1hz in this case, it sits on a step longer, because the step size is smaller than a single step
so yeah i guess this is how they do sines for high speed digital RF
im like, jezus fucks thats easy
you can do multiple waves on an 8b cpu like whatever
because youre just adding, shoveling data, handling overflow
but yeah you can use any wave
but this is basically to keep evgerything under 100Hz
and then yeah i guess i do a filter, and some sort of way to hook envelopes and sequences onto the dds
it just does samples, its not realtime, but its kinda like a modular synth
well, will be, i did the hard part

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no i am doing one in c
because i want something to make exactly the synth kick that i want
like, with ridiculous resolution on the sine wave
and like, per sample pitch shifting
and the ability to specify the power of the exponential and inverted curves
so like, it would be neat to track a song with kicks that turns into long droning sub bass
but the wave was completely continuous, kick and bass completely a singular entity
so the envelope thing does 0 to 1 values
now im going to try and do it like, 0 to 12799, and then make that a sequencer
can do all sorts of cool portemento stuff with same code
and then feed the note/cents data to a dds synth setup
i generate some .01Hz sine as the base so i can use it for LFO up to 10 seconds, no chunkiness at all

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neat my envelop generator works!
now i guess i do the same thing but for sequencing

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i try and do shit in 96
eventually everything turns into 44.1, so i want more than 48

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maybe if youre doing production
okay that type of shit is abusive

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ssd is faster at everything

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this is like 36awg lines?
arent you in australia?

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