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last few hours
its probably that the leaked document is bullshit in order to lend weight to the theft of the bitcoin by individuals external to mtgox

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a lot of times, first response is have meetings, make spreadsheets, form comittees and working groups, distribute responsibility
so not a lot gets done, and a lot of work time is wasted because of slow reponse time on decisions
right, so the plan was 5 years, hit a wall, eject back into school

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cutting aluminum is awesome
low speed, high feed, make sure your code doesnt kick it in one spot too long
oh this is a lathe
yeah its in storage tho
want to try and have a setup for it in the next couple months
what do you mean why because i live in a little hole that doesnt even have a kitchen
because its cheap and located in an area i <3
i was, kind of dead end and wasnt into the city, going back to school
when the engineers are bitching theyre wasting away in meetings and not learning anything, im def out
naw these guys were mostly guru/legend status, known people in audio and acoustics
problem is most of them had management positions before, and now theyre in design engineer positions

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