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yeah fuck a cnc then

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`nico: those are same company now so my guess is price is way up on those
anyway, for 3k, you maybe just buy a little cnc and extruder head

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`nico: prob maker trash?
because large install base, lots of time to work out bugs
anything pro is at least like $10k
prob more towards $20k since the tech blew up

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svh: to move machine for repeat setups
or to move machine in machine space

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i MDI like all the time so its not that big a deal to me they act like im jezus because i can code a line at a time

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yeah its not great
did they fix the MDI panel or is it still firefinger?
linuxcnc/emc2 is excellent
3d toolpath display, very very light
UI isnt deep enough to be non intuitive, all done one one main display dialog, menus are like one layer with some exceptions

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