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and yeah kick decay is long enough on the beats
want to play
onboard speakers sounds kinda cool with low battery
with the LFO was synced
omg it cut me off
i couldnt figure out why there would be a relay in this thing
but i think its just the little onboard speaker popping on shutdown

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synth: volca beats on its way
volca bass is like, battery low =(
nord stuff looks neat

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i bought a dome for my dab rig but it has no handle so im kinda like, how am i supposed to grab it when its hot?

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nice im preapproved for a Blaze Mastercard
30% and $75 annual fee right out of the box
points for marketing though
they even got a smokey/flame B logo
theyre not as accepted, their seller fees are high
good to know

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yes i dont do work but i pretend
was suggested^

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GIMP alternative?
free shit
i dont mean free like in juarez
tho im curious how it runs off an SSD

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