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wtf is cram
oh what
fuck that
hook both those ends and solder like that at least
with any wire

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i still check on the swedes every once in awhile

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topic image is no longer impressive
i got nothing

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a soldered telephone splice?
even unsoldered theyre hard to pull apart
ive used it with twisted, works

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compared to cimp on butt connectors? (typical method)
are you nuts?
telephone splice is #1, do strain relief with shrink tube or lots of electrical tape
then nothing is more streamined than telephone splice and heatshrink
they make those really neat sealed butt connectors
people in #cars know the good ones
any wire telephones spliced is about the lowest profile splice youre gonna get
those are nice
basically same shit as the $500 ones but with cheaper dies
i try not to give them money
theyre like the QA rejects of other hardware store generic brands

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