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nice, you got a flir?
theyre shit for absolute temps btw
but for relative temps across the same type of material, or to figure out where to attach thermocouples, theyre great
mmmm NES res

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happened in the 80s/90s?

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all the weed i buy has been lab tested
i get THC, CBD and CBN numbers
well, the majority of it, one of the shops i reg at doesnt test
the co2 oil i was getting was lab tested too
right, which sucks
because quality will go down, price likely wont

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blackmoon: yeah, fucked
i think quality is going to go down in general because of legalization

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steampunk is cooler and im not that into steampunk
zombies would make it more okay
+2 if the little girl is turned

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macegr: i wasnt in drama in high school so that kind of shit doesnt impress me so much
rab: my algorithm doesnt work
your eagle has gone renegade smash it quick
eagle always does that
i think so
apperently the whole family was involved
if it wasnt already a locked deal, i think girl should have walked out thats not cool pressuring someone like that
this is the internet people are dumb

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BHO is illegal, but people use super critical co2 now, so everyone just says their bho is co2
not prop 215 compliant
dont know the exact details, but i kind of agree with it
like, i got shit my friends make with good gear im not sure i totally trust it
but its strong and it doesnt smell and playing with blow torches is fun
yeah i dunno
yeah but i dont suck in butane
and i dont use map or propane so im not sucking oxidized titanium either
rab: stack in direction A until angle X referencing origin is exeeded, then stack perpendicular to direction A

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ha, they got asset tags
i dont think we meant that kind of vaping
rab: most of my shit has asset tags, shrug
you can do wax and oils in a 510 style atomizer
the wax doesnt drip so the atomizers come apart diff so its easier to load
but its essentially the same thing
fuck dmt
i can go to my local dispenserary and get preloaded 510 based systems

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its car shit, youll never understand the logic behind it
rab: i forgot about those
i think those were the only hot wheels i didnt either melt, blow up or smash

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ac-130u: cutoff frequency relates to smallest room dimension including the bigass cones you need
egg cartons prob wont do shit below 5khz
either steel grates or cable trampolines
yeah you can hear that shit in semi anechoic with earplugs

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zeeshan: the concrete is ridig and heavy, so it doesnt reflect back a lot of low and mid stuff because it just wont move that much, but hf bounces
but since you have insulation, which attenuates hf well, you basically filter the hf twice, once on the way there, once back
the drywall on the inside would be better for isolation, but worse for low reflection treatment
like, expensive studios and measurement chambers are basically low reflection rooms, built into high isolation boxes
for very low frequency isolation, you have to put the whole thing on dampers

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svh: density will help with low-mids
but yeah well supported, dense walls with an air gap, or acoustic insulation gap, is your best bet
8" concrete block wall, painted, with 1/2" drywall on independent steel stud walls, each side, insulation in cavities
for 72dB isolation ^
basically big fat concrete wall with two normal walls on either side and insulation in between

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