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shrug, thats never been uncommon
i wonder if its their policy

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rab: https://soundcloud.com/renesys/why-volka-bass
blackmoon: can you check if that link works?
rab: is volca bass and caustic for drums, recorded with reaper.
oh wtf then how do you make a link
try that

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kind of diff angle on electronic rock
its two guys, i think the drummer is triggering a sampler or some shit
the bass player uses a looper and uses the bass to trigger samples
saw them live, amazing show, just two guys filling a whole theater with sound

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same deal ^
physical drum samples, but processed, wobbled saw wave bass, rock vocals
they put the effects so they can release the vid and people will still want the unfucked itunes download
wtf why is lou diamond phillips in this
anyway, kick on 1st, snare every 3rd beat, fill in blanks so it doesnt sound the same for 4min

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i kind of think thats the direction 'rock' music is going to head
sequenced music with live recorded tracks mixed in, a lot more physical sounding samples instead of synth stuff
blackmoon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjgFYQMWtqo
if you think thats okay, get their albums
they do all sorts of stuff (drum n bass/dubstep/electro), very good production for synth stuff, sounds amazing on big sound
its hard to find dubstep that isnt wobbly =\
like, i like LFO, but fuuuuuu
its like a generation of people worshipping a standard synth knob without even knowing it
yeah that one is a tiny bit better
oh hmm

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anyway, its bass music, but the vocals are way more in depth than normal dance music tracks
sequenced, half time beat, synth bass, it doesnt wobble tho, which i like a lot
btw i really like this song
the 'sorta like regular music' part is kind of hard to find
most of the drums are synmthetic sounding, and theres a lot of very, uh, contemporary sounding samples

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says 0.0 again
i believe it
blackmoon: thats polished dubstep for the masses

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show me the research naow pls
wtf when are they bad?

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i bet reaper sequences external shit like whatever
.03, .02, .02, i believe it
haha my mom is like come over! noooo

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man fuck this wifi i need a cable
theres not enough light and id have to unplug and move shit

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fuck my heater is made by the same people that do my freezer
all my heat comes from kenmore
i cannot find mine anywhere
wait im gonna do some smartphone barcode shit

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and i dont want to put it on the same strips as the fridge and computer shit
want to look at the power here =\
but i guess i could just dmm it, not risk the scope or flippin breakers
you have one of those electric ceramic ones with a fan?
mine is a nichrome band like maybe 0.3mm thick and 4mm wide
like 5ft of it in a zigzag glowing orange
with a fan
that buzzes
so much cold
freezer shipping box keeping cable to outlot from being straight, heater is now further, ironic
radiator like how

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they should make them for real, with a better LCD, rugged case, some sort of disposable calibration kit
so, i think it reads low
or .08 is pretty nuts
in the lunix?
youre making a sampler?
fuck my feet are cold
soundfonts is lots of samples, no?
mine is cool but it doesntreach so much

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now it says .02
pretty sure it has a pressure sensor, it knows when you start exhaling
and it beeps really loud at you, got mad drunk people will throw it for sure
yeah, no breath, no stupid beep, 0.0%
three times 0.02%

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3 times in a row, tho
i try again in 20 minutes

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okay pacifico defeated
at 8 i do next test
expect like a .04 or .05

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lesbian friend girls college team is losing the rose bowl

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three times same result
mmm, pacifico

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nights: testing $30 BAC tester
then i dunno im gonna make some music and sell shit on the craigslist
seems right
wait a minute, try again
guys my new freezer has coils in the shelves
two in a row .01
once more, than i kill the pacifico 32

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wtf is acid, is this some shit that korg marketing listened to in the 80s?
like, roland/korg/alesis/whoever impliments portamento in affordable synth, new genre of music is formed
i wonder if ecig affects BACtrack
k i test in two minutes

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tecan: wasnt it you that used reason for sequencing external hardware? how the fuck did you do that? i have to pay $130 to upgrade to reason 7 to get the external midi device
or maybe it was cheater
also the cap sense keyboard is pretty neat for slides, has a midi configurable portamento time
they say its for making some sort of music called ass-id

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damn i cant eat either
i guess i try my new adapters
rab: i got a fousrite 6i6 interface, is neat it has dual headphone jacks, hp1 tracks outputs 1+2, hp2 is mappable to whatever in the software mixer
the stupid sony threaded 1/8" to 1/4 TRS tip broke inside i had to get another one
yeah i like it
i dunno what happened to beats
and im a little bit annoyed that the VCF isnt midi controlled (its the only direct analog controlled module, looks like)
i have bass, sweetwater hasnt gotten back to me about beats
but yeah the sequencer is pretty simple, sounds okay, some setups a bit noisy
would like a little more decay but whats new...
but yeah i went and rescued miniplug to dual 1/4in TS cable to record it
fuckin reason

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i just smoke weed for that fix
these are like 5%
strong as fuck for a girly drink!
theres a bunch of shit at the microbrews in santa barbara iim into
the hoppy stuff is okay, but i think theyre better at light and somewhat creative stuff
they have this sour wheat beer at telegraph i <3
i dont like stella much
its like the new heineken
when you ask people why theyre like IT DOESNT TASTE BAD!
okay at 7:15 i try again
haha @ chicks walking about of vons with yellow american spirits and PBR
it should come in a kit

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so i put batteries in my BACKtrack
first blow, 0.00
waiting a minute, trying again
k, downing a bottle of stell cider
then i gotta wait 20 minutes
then i got a 32oz of pacifico
there should be a significant increase!
have you had stella cider?
shit is like apple juice, none of that foofy cinamon and nutmeg bullshit
tastes a little like jolly rancher
wtf yuck, its jolly rancher in a bottle mfkr
you need mad hops or some shit?

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i have tasty food already

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shutup 41
i guess i can pick up AAA batteries when i pick up test supplies

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fuckin shit doesnt come with batteriesxwhat do i have that i can steal AA batteries from...

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if they didnt put a grounding stake, it either grounds out through the cable, so through the chassis of some of your electronics gear
or to whatever metal shit they grounded it too
nice, i got my pocket breathalizer
i just want a rough estimate

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welcome to 2004?

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macegr: it sounds like the same type of wtf tho
k time for hiking
macegr: are you doing bay area maker faire this year?
damn i want to be up their for a race at laguna seca, then two weeks later is maker faire
least they didnt put maker fair on top of monaco gp

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plasma might not last long enough to burn in
and the picture is so much better
and this is the pinnacle of the tech
theyll go away, these are the best and cheapest ones
60" samsung for $995!
yeah i can see the diff backlight zones on led tv
its annoying
oh wtf
ive seen really old ones
what was that horrible nintendo 3d 'portable'?
haha yeah
same category of tech
it hurt
i think thats lasers or leds and spinning mirrors
LCD on silicon

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but they did anyway?
you mean fios or an extender?
ha, i say thank you and chat rep is like GOOD LETS START THE ORDER
so i click close
i kind of want a tv
do plasmas have shit latency?
modern ones less so
and ive seen LCD burn in too so

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asking if itll still work with absolutely no cell tower coverage
i think its just a mini ethernet base station, with less than awesome access controls
almost everything is?
youre saying there are public known exploits for some?
i think that just makes it a normal networking gear category, heh
anyway, im not doing it until i have a hard wire into my place
right now i have a wrt set up as a wifi bridge for my places net
fios is on the other side of the bridge
i want the real shit, yo!

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blackmoon: i dunno that kind of just says, buy a base station when our real ones dont work
Where a compatible cell tower is unavailable, other callers may access the Network Extender when not in use by priority callers.
youre extending their network
youre paying $250 to increase their coverage
i already pay
i clicked the chat at customer service button
but yeah your concerns are the ones i originally had
blackmoon: chat rep says one time payment of $250
and says it runs on a hard wired connection

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no reception in the canyon where i live
then yeah the 10/22 is lighter than most rifles
so no recoil, more ammo, lighter
why not?
it connects into your net i think
10 / 100 Base-T Ethernet/Network
its a tiny ethernet base station
id need landlady to let me run ethernet from her office to the house
i dont think it does wifi
i think its just a CDMA to ethernet bridge
but i dont think there is a monthly fee, just one time
and i like newhome, i want to live in the canyon for a long time
maybe not in this place, but def somewhere in topanga

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purpose of a 10/22 is mostly target shooting, wasting ammo
normal mag for a 10/22 is pretty neat, 10 round rotary thing
blackmoon: theyre competition style gunsa
so anything that helps is a valid mod
anyway, i want a steel finish one, then want to get a thumbhole competition stock for it
like that shit
anyway, wont have the money for awhile
thats the point
and you make ammo more available than anything else
you have pack weight limits?
has anyone used one of these?

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yeah because PC
pretty rigid
i so want a ruger 10/22
theyre fun!
no recoil, way accurate, cheap ammo
endless parts to mod it with
only the bipod, heh
but that still looks fun
sit on a table, fire off rounds
why is extended mag silly?

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oh this disc says the maxx
i wonder if its the comic or divx of the cartoon

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okay i cleaned it with alcohol
watch the files not even appear now
i remember there were people that backed everything up to optical
had shelves with like tens of thousands of discs
thats so much shit to throw away, heh
fuck this im just going to watch it on youtube

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time remaining estimate? no longer exists in the dialog
drive's LED furiously blinking
damn i really want this file
its on the youtube
so um
i dont think i can get it off

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omg whole desk is vibrated
omg tiny jet engine ignited
progress bar... progress baaaaar... PROGRESS BAR....
so hes correct?
nice, the files appear
germany is reconsidering
yeah because germany has a half million whores now
and theyre annoyed because almost none registered to work legally and pay taxes
whores dont have great business sense, who knew
wow, 12KB/s

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yeah those dont seem to do well
let me check a few
ha i have a cake of lunix os discs
from when the interweb was only somewhat fast
cd on top is the bbc neuromancer radioshow
i just went to hit an eject button on a blank panel
honestly i kind of <3 my external optical drive
ancient technology ready to pull down any pc with usb
looks like rox's chick
which means that guy is over 7ft tall
or standing on a box

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i love that shit, use it at work because everyone else is afraid or disgusted by it
i still have that XY diff tube scope
unpowered drive is prob pretty safe
in some sort of shock absorbing package
yeah i just found all my cd backups
dont really know what to do with them
like, id love the data on them, but dont want to sit here for days pulling it off
mine are face to face, label to label in cakes

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it wont be those
they could get rid of that on craigsbay in a couple days
itll prob be old tek scopes and dead plugins
ancient hp psu
have you ever tried them?
i pulled the optical drive from my pc because i realized i never used it, just used the external usb thing
i use the external optical for system installs and burning mp3 discs for my car
but 3 discs at a time!
so like 6x equiv!
heh remember DVDRAM?
should have been called DVDSHITHDD
ive bought several tek analog scopes
which i prob want to sell now
except for the atari vector graphics DSO

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this bikes pretending to be cars shit is super dangerous
rab: wowow at neon buildings
this is what everyone says about all those techy swap meets

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i dont try and force people in vehicles to do anything
you always assume max insanity
if they want to be insane, give them space and make sure youre in a position to react
dont piss them off more they might just bump you on purpose
i do the same in a car
i get safest distance away from a car doing shit
our lanes are sometimes much wider here
odd idiots are the norm
douchebags are known to exist
im not dying to make points
for all i know dudes kid is dying somewhere
honestly i dont think bicycles should be allowed on the street
i think theres a 3ft rule in LA now
yeah its a dumb law they should limit bicycles to the side of the road if there is no sidewalk
and they should have to stop and yield for cars behind them if there is a single lane and no sidewalk

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fuck speed limits, if you are impeding traffic move over
youre a dick then
if you force unsafe situations
just to prove your as much a vehicle as one 3000lbs more
if he wants to get past move over
unless its unsafe to, youre being a dick
fuck speed limits
fuck the law
give him as much space as possible because its safer for everyone
no dont move into the breakdown lane
just move your motorbike to the right side of the lane
welcome to the road
im not going to be sympathetic, motorcyclists cut lanes all the time
blackmoon: well if that happens you want to be as far from it as possible

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the limit?
i didnt know they did that on the 10, but i heard they did it on a few highways
we drive 85mph anyway, shrug
if it was california, 85 means you can drive 99 without getting a serious ticket
macegr: i moved
you would die trying to get to my place
thats kinda true
trucks are dumb
so now i only have nico to visit in the bay area
oh huh
ive never met him in the really real world tho

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i know wtf
.wz 90290
we dont have this capability?
The NMA has long held that true highway safety can only be achieved by following sound engineering practices,
haha, i was like, wtf does acoustics have to do with this
so like
are you going to stay in texas forever?
blackmoon: what does that have to do with speed limits?

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i met her?
wait i didnt go last year did i
i didnt do much last year except american le mans at laguna seca
i was there like 2008 and 2012, my guess
werent you dating some other chick?
she didnt seem to happy
i liked her sign
you didnt like her sign so much
lesbian girl gets excited about making stuff but she hasnt made a lot of stuff yet
cooool, keep her

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and i kinda chilled her out and she seemed happier but we havent talked in a week, shrug
well shes cool but shes young
and doesnt want to be pinned down
ive really only met one
shes engaged
not to me
i should go visit her she always like I MISS YOU, I MISS HOME
svh: yes eventually
im pretty sure i been chasing that one multiple lifetimes\
if it doesnt happen this time im sure ill go for it next time around
every time around
macegr: i kind of doubt there is a ring
or at least one worth a cruise
not as cheap as they are poor right now
hollywood prices? $6-8 for a beer, $7-12 for a real drink?

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blackmoon: you are selling +v!?
when was the last time chan was even moderated
upvotes are almost worth something
+v on efnet can kind of go both ways...
this is truth
wow i never considered that efnet pussy happened because i was +v or @
we hooked up
became great friends
shes still a lesbian, but more confused now
she flaked on me for new years
so i called her a flake
told her it wasnt a big deal, wasnt that upset, but shes a flake (was the second time similar circumstance)

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