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by then people will have gotten over the internet, they will go outside and socialize with actual people

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yeah im glad i didnt get hooked onto that one
if they make a multiplayer fallout im fucked
maybe they have, im trying not to pay attention
ha, theyre like in two years

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kevtris: http://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1319966
read the bullet points half way down
thats just how big corps roll when it comes to soft dev
That all Task X functions, including fail-safes, are designed to run on the main CPU in the Camry's electronic control module
heh, no hardware watchdog
okay i guess thats not totally what that statement means
That the brake override that is supposed to save the day when there is an unintended acceleration is also in Task X
heh @ automatic braking when acceleration goes nuts

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