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maybe i should get an mpc?
as a sequencer
i would also get a sampler out of it
anyway, for no, i use the fatar as a midi hub
and use reaper as a sequencer

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full cut EQs, w00t
also I either want keys or another bass
bass has three voices, square or saw selectable
and you can link them like, like, three independent, 2+1, or all three in parallel
and you can have a sequencer lane for each voice
but i think the sequencers share envelope generators
not sure, but its weird

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rab: sucks, you cant control internal sequencer via external midi
tho, it has midi controls that arent on the hardware
except filter
i think the filter is full analog, the pots dont light up value son the 7 seg display
but yeah you can get to gate time and slide time in the midi
bass prob wont sync to beats how i want
because ill prob want to run beats at ~90 or ~180
and i want to run bass at ~45 or ~27.5 for longer bass lines
i wish the slide editor defaulted to all on, heh
rab: this almost turned into an excuse to buy a VLZ mixer, like a 1402
but i think i can do fine with the rane dj mixer

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i have to call about the beats
i still have it on order at sweetwater but they said there is like 400 people on the list

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rab: k i decided i like it
but i want more release time

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