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then its a dumb service
it should be checking shit
blackmoon: going to germany next week for acoustic measurement system training

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like 64b words or 64b total
i bet total
yes that somehow they turned that into a product and sold them
thats what mines like in DSO mode
vector sex

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manual is long disintegrated, on digitized in spanish

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yeah AM is fixed frequency thats not audio
thats easy, thats a diode in series with a cap and resistor in parallel
at low frequencies, itll just be a rectifier
well thats an am demodulator, thats not an envelope follower
because it only works for a limited bandwidth
thats some radio bullshit

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to detect peaks, feed signal to a differentiator (HPF), look for rising (or falling) zero crossings the output
at the rising zero crossing, do a reset, sample and hold
that should work for wide bandwidth
the zero cross detector should have some offset or hysteresis or itll wig out with lower frequencies
yeah that wont work for all frequencies well, dont think
for high frequencies, it wont reset if your peaks come in lower than the capacitor voltage
so the envelope will be to high

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