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also what do hot rod amp circuits have to do with loudspeaker and transducer measurement equipment

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08:27:25 < nurfnorf> industry stnard speaker tests- composing yet more bullshit. You still cant beat Onkyo for servo sound.
onkyo is in the list
and servos are stupid
its to avoid a capacitor in the feedback paths that causes a HPF unless its large, meaning you usually end up using electrolytics, which sucks
but good speakers are active speakers, amps matched to acoustic systems, speakers never go down to 20hz, you don't need servos to DC with low offset

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we had like 5kw class-h amps
no the measurement gear had an abs max pass through current of 15A
you plug the klippel into the amp in, plug the amp out back into the klippel, plug the klippel into the speaker
the klippel sits in between, current just passes through
i think its the current meters
sense coils on one model, some sort of hall effect daughter board modules on another
anyway, you cant tell the software how you hacked it, so all the data would be wrong
its not the traces, because they offer higher current models

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ac-130u: DDS synth plus dac, you have a table to define the waveshape, then how fast you step through the table determines frequency
_digital_: price or application
for example, i have industry standard speaker test gear at work, has four wire voltage sense and series current sense, and in some modes uses a laser to determine excursion
shit is like $20k easy
but you can only do 15A, max
which wasnt enough to test high power (1000W+), low impedance woofers
so we had to make test gear to determine the DC resistance change in the voice coil while putting like 1000W of AC voltage into it

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