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i have a torch lighter, a 12" stainless steel straw, and a measuring spoon i bent so that it stands by itself, the spoon like 2" off the table
and i guess it doesnt really effect your mem

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blackmoon: been freebasing 33% CBD oil
holy shit its weird, like i feel up but not stoney or faded at all
the delivery place has 66% too, expensive tho

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11:41:51 < macegr> http://i.imgur.com/RR8Y8f1.png
macegr: he then went on to disprove a lot of audio and RF voodoo babble that ive heard engineers falling back on for years
also hes an engineer and owner of a notable transformer company
also an AES fellow, he just mixed up two typical audio statements and made himself look like a dumbass

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