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cheater__: ? my guess is by shifting weight outward
no the intro description has nothing to do with the device

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flex cable
yeah i think so
As illustrated in the second diagram, when there is electric current through the coil, it magnetizes the armature one way or the other, causing it to rotate slightly one way or the other about the pivot thus moving the diaphragm to make sound.
wiki says o
no idea, all my practical reference comes from drivers at 1m
these arent that
Popularized in the 1920s as Baldwin Mica Diaphragm radio headphones, balanced armature transducers were refined during World War II for use in military 'sound-powered' telephones. Some of these achieved astonishing electro-acoustic conversion efficiencies in the range 20% to 40% for narrow bandwidth voice signals.
thats amazing
moderntransducers are still like 1% efficient

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new thing is multiway magnetic armature drivers
theyll load bunch of those in a canal bud, then use caps and my guess is mechanical and coil responance to kind of tune their output, cross them over

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blue is sony mdr-7506, they have a reputation for being flat
and they sound like flat reference speakers when i wear them
measurements, not so flat, headphones are weird
also passive wouldnt work great because headphone amp output impedance is all over the place
lots of people have small portable headphone amps, so not a big deal to put EQ in that
but yeah its hard to characterize headphones versus speaker frequency response, because things sound diff when theyre right up on your ear, your ears dont work the same
like, cana buds arent bouncing sound off your outer ear, which never happens IRL
so some earbud companies EQ for that, so they have a live sound
i got some etymotics, they do that,, clear mids and highs but the things got nothing down low so never excited to use them

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so you would need to consistently EQ, and if you are listening on diff platyback devices, then they might be able to be EQ'd the same
ha, some people used to put tissues in front of their NS10 tweeters
you can easily reproduce that

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blackmoon: theyre voiced dark w/ low thd
most all headphones reponses look shitty
macegr: link to lapai amp thing
if theyre tiny class-d its prob just being overdriven
dark means more low end
bright means more high end
and what they sound like has a lot to do with THD and decay, not just FR
high end is fatiguing and these are been marketed to bass music producers
bright is only used on guitar amps that i can think of
you dont EQ ref monitors, you learn them
very few speakers are flat and low thd
well because you need to be able to know what stuff sound slike on that hardware

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the curve was done with CLIO, i use it at work, its very italian

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blackmoon: its because THD spec for speakers isnt advertised
but yeah, 1% THD on a driver is good shit
on an amp its total crap
tonsofpcs: thats pretty good to 1khz, and ive heard those
they sound good
alot like nearfield reference monitors,
is not like normal closed ref cans
blackmoon: those are planar magnetic open headphones
so a signal driver, probably measured in some sort of head fixture

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