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reaper handled recording a few hours, adding and pulling tracks and effects VST on the fly without issue
also the tascam us-1800 that mechanical engineering bought on my recomendation (and never used) has been working decent, like half its I/O in use at 24b/96khz

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but drum tab is funny because normal drum sheet music is pretty much tab with music notes
i havent seen that shit since junior high =\
i would
also did main loop from james brown - funky drummer and the amen break
me and a softy QA guy been recording synth session at work, he has an NI maschine setup, i have a bunch of midi junk and reason
so last couple times he goes nuts while i like, debug setup
NI def has the live performance sequencing UI down, looks sexier than ableton live
reason, as always, does nothing well but being a hardware junkie, is incredibly addictive
well it does routing flexibility well, but that doesnt save time and only helps 10% of the time
but i still <3 it
tho if i didnt get it for free id prob be using reaper and stolen VST

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rab: haha last night i learned to read drum sheet/tab and spent i dunno how many hours transcribing when the levee breaks into reasons 808 sequencer
triplets hurt brain to program
(i dont mean the beastie boys intro, like every unique drum pattern in the song)
yeah its ascii, like - per 1/16, and this \--3-/ or \--6-/ symbols for triplets
someone has something by the same name?
its 3 banks of 16 patterns, each like 4 bars long
except the triplet stuff because can only fit 2 bars
rab i know what the song is i listened to it like 40 times last night
i was just saying i did the whole song, not the 4 bar intro pattern looped in the beastie boys track

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