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10:49:34 < PC> what does that even mean?
it means check the fuckin DMM before putting it on a circuit
if you just say that, some mfkrs will be like WHY THAT SHIT WONT HURT ANYTHING
so they give a reason

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ha i wonder if its pleia2

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because im guessing remote interweb relationship
i dont believe in human concepts
NDA is rules, rules arent real
human constructs?
that sounds better
why would i?
so yeah i probably wouldnt know her

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okay if you need it framed in that light
if you hang 1oz at 1in along a dick for a certain angle of deflection, it will take 0.5oz at 2in, and 2oz at 0.5in
because theyre inversly proportional, so it doesn't matter which comes first
ya duh
wait so do you have a gf now

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i usually dont have to buy any
no i meant lighters

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fuck this ambiguous - trash
also in*oz, oz*in, oz-in, and in-oz are the same thing
fuck i have so many dead bics...

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