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why it would just abuse that and ruin the world with the energy
humans are typically stupid at handling resources
nothing is free youre just moving energy
anyway, youcant make money off of distribution or large scale conctruction so its just lab tricks
i just said you cant, not for profit
cant turn lead into gold, but aint no one gonna get rich off it

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dc couple and rectify noise, put it into a zero leak zero esr cap
i have a patent on it, its tested and functional
you just cant mass produce the capacitors and zero Vf diodes
you would need to sign an NDA and i dont have them on hand
where are you going to get a perfect capacitor from
wtf what uses does it have it pulls electrons from the fucking air and stores them
thats mostly just affects long term stiorage if you use the energy quick enough theres virtually no loss
a zero ESR zero leakage cap
its just not something that can be mass produced at a profit
so theres no reason to persue it for money people
also its very big

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