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rab: local hackspace looks promising, they were super interested in purchasing CNC
they had three makerbots going, have some cheap wood tools, few mechatronic type projects, just the people there seemed like a healthy mix of hardware and software
they got floor space in SB tho, which is impressive
going to try and negotiate unlimited 24/7 access (top tier membership) along with the price of the mill

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yeah gauss meters are neat
we have not done enough evilthings with the magnetizer at work
demagnetizing is hard

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Our backgrounds range from engineering, programming, Linux sys admin, math, and networking, to biology, philosophy, and Reddit.

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yeah i dont understand why you wouldnt just use springs to reset
springs to reset to a neutral position, and the magnets polarize the gates
cant pick that shit with a single magnet
tho this seems easy to pick with brute force

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he was looking into an 0402 390nH 50mA inductor
yeah we covered this at the beginning before we knew what he was up to
i think a lot of smd inductors are wound so they kind of cancel their own magnetic fields
yeah i think pulsing will help a lot
yeah neat
i guess the benefit is you can make a lock with a sealed mechanism
they will and thats where core shapes and shorting material comes into play

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actually i dont know if he is trying to pick locks or do a whole new lock
well are you actuating a lock mechanism or a sensor
heh, co2 tank on your key
PSSSSSSHHHHH beepboopboop
if youre just pulling on some sort of sensor, i think permanent magnets would work
if this is a custom lock kinda feel like you can make it however big you want
no he is still testing single magnet

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if it works, look into getting it fabbed on a flex pcb
yeah it seems like a proportions issue
i think eventually you will end up pulsing these these things in an attempt to blow up the lock before the keys melt
i think it ends up evolving into some sort of thin steel core
and like 60awg wire
and you get about 2 seconds of pull before it melts
yeah i kind of think permanent magnets is the way to go
less drama
just make a neo key, magnetize it
yeah i think so
so a pcb is just too thick

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there shouldnt be a board
you need some sort of hard plastic, run magnet wire down it, then just wrap the wire around the cores
for a proto i would cut sheets of thick kaptop
and like, put the cores inside, fold and glue kapton
wrong order
put in magnet wire and cores and glue, fold kapton over, wait for everything to set, cut into key shape

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jking: its not a ground plane, its not connected to anything
are you going to make that out of thin PCB and coat it in something
or what
most software just does trace outlines, they wont clear away big open areas
you want to put a magnet into a keyhole?

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that should be benchtop cnc doable
i think you could have handled your pour a bit better
rab: is a local hackerspace, so possibly there is something else to do here besides bar hopping and expensive restaurants
i just checked theres a meeting right now, im like not fullt operational yet
but guy on their irc says people are in and out all day so i prob drive out (its like 10 miles away)
but guy i talked to said they might be interested in buying my cnc mill
which seems like a better home for it
currently at work in the woodshop, the atom pc for it died tho

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goes nuts at 1:05 ^
i think i missed nu:logic (nu:tone and logistics) last month
and loadstar

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haha nice

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you can prob hack that into some sort of smd thing

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it wont work?
yeah like a toroid is probably totally fail
bar prob works okay
most inductors are designed to not radiate magnetic energy
if much effort is put into them at all
im not sure how much magnetic force youre gonna get from an 0402
you either need a fuckton of turns or a fuckton of current, either is complicated by the small size
like, what are you trying to do with the magnet
oh huh

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i bet it was painful
yeah i think it would be like, injesting it
so feel it after like an hour
lasts 8 hours
that dosage would do almost nothing tho

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stoner coke!
so like i wondered if this was a joke someone was doing to her, or she volunteered

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wait ive seen kefe too

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blackmoon: omg if you dont have, you gotta get a keef press
actually, dude just make a keef press, you probably already got an arbor press
keif press

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