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dx^: mfkr

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yeah depends on how the software is setup
so like, you have to be able to assign control codes, in hardware to match the software, or in software to match the hardware
sculptor: not much, and a long long time ago
before i knew much about what to do with it

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just is
then it probably doesnt matter to you
usually, and the codeset is usually designed to be used by a compiler
so conventions and options are more limited
also simpler stuff is easier to debug
exactly so it means less
for c id prob just do arm
the f4 is neat, documentation is decent
they were cheap last time i checked
i dont remember the toolchain tho

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kinda yeah
all i have is that and some avr stuff
i used my stk500 for a ton of stuff
8 bit is easy, cheap, fun
easier to code asm on avr and pic

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guys there is new atari teenage riot
i has not heard it
its a lot less compressed and less distorted
i got an f4 discovery, like it
just done enough to kind get it spinning, havent made anything with it \
i dont remember the toolchain
i dunno last year i think
not eaily

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use teflon wire!

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