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it inverts
deal with it

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you just do it

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yeah fuck all that
ive seen shows at dim mak where they are likie STRICT DRESS CODE but they wouldnt do that on a jungle or bass music night
a little, worse in the valley
its overcast and cool right now
driving around LA yesterday, my cars temp gauge was like between 90 and 110

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i been to a couple RBMA events, neat shit
yeah possibly

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hmm but to who?
everyone loves keef
if they know what it is
it depends how long you keef it and what size screen
if you get the screen perfect, the first shakes the shit is crazy blond
not must dust at all
so i just dont get it, seems to be poor marketing
like they all price fixed themselves at ridiculous low rates
now they just have to because thats the market rate
yeah totally
lots of europeans and africans are into hash spliffs
this shit is great for that

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same shit, diff year
haha nice
blackmoon: been making pressed keef hash
2 or 3 grams of dry keef into a press, heat at like 200F for 30 minutes, into freezer for like 10, get little pucks
you can kind of shave off pieces and smoke straight, easier to work with than normal hash, doesnt blow away like keef
blackmoon: haha @ college for the cost of shipping a cat
yeah its cheaper than bud
makes no sense
i get grams for like $7-15
right but its equiv to the highest concentration hash
right you cant sell popcorn herb

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so rock n roll bartender girl at dnb is like, WE SHOULD MAKE MUSIC, which I assume means she still has a bf
but yeah i make trap tracks and get bartender girl to ramble over it

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^ so i think i can make this shit
long decay drums between 30 and 50 hz, snare, sped up hats, one other sample at a time over this, done

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`nico: first link is disco =\
ooo, all around the world has a real beat and neato surf tone guitar and some sort of buzzy bass thing

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`nico: not for soundclouds i dont think, prob has to be a direct mp3 or pls link
i lost my ecig
haha right
im wondering if it fell under or inside my car seat
but yeah, smoked some reg cigs, makes me feel sickish
tho i remember feeling kind of like that while smoking cigs before
haha, like damn i felt crappy all the time i guess

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all of the mommies
`nico: goldie set was good shit, lots of everything, almost too clean, like a studio mix
i have to read up on soundcloud on work shit

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