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disengaging cop beacons\

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im surprised cockstep doesnt already mean something
`nico: interview is ++awesome

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my guess is 2008?
so dubstep was originally old dub effects and droning jungle bass over grime/garage beats
like i dunno 2006
so then wobble bass got popular in drum n bass
its easy to patch over simplified reese bass that kind of sounds like a crossfader cut
so it became a fad thing in jungle, got old after a year or two, but totally got all over the dubstep and never let go
but wobble bass drum n bass was called clownstep

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its like jungle but way simpler and slower
also there is this new shit called 'future jungle'
which is dnb at 140bpm
im like, uh guys thats breaks
`nico: yeah kinda, lots of the guys who played dubstep and prog house (read: making money) are playing trap at shows now
compared to dubstep i think its awesome, fuck the clownstep wobble

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fuck this town, long as girl upstairs with the butt is cool with it cops can suck my peepee
`nico: intro dubstep sounds like dub (!)
i like trap
i decided
yeah like southern shit, been noting this fow a long time
because two things:
they drone their bass
melodic use of 808 kicks samples that have more decay than a real 808 (the knob on a real one doesnt go so far)

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everyones mommies
3 hour goldie set in two days
no you sent soundcloud sets
enabling police beacons (krk monitors and sub)

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