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10:38:23 < cheater_1> `nico i'm going to a ham fest, any tips as to what i should absolutely do
cheater__: when i go with a friend to ham swap meet, he mostly bitches about how much it sucks now and how everything is old and broken and how it used to rawk
so you should absolutely complain

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but its HF and very high output LF can can screw your hearing up
its a perception thing, too, munson curve stuff
like, if its loud enough at HF or LF to bother you, SPL levels are insane

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so i did a demo that has them mixing electronically in the mixer, then hard panned left and right, so they mix acoustically
but its effectively a saw wave binaural when its mixing acoustically
its one of the most fatiguing things ive played with
but mixing acoustically, it has the synth stuff flanking center soundstage
like, your brain isnt sure where the shit is coming from, but it knows its not coming from in front
depends on amplitude and bandwidth
but yeah if anything can put your ears into compression, its raw unmastered synth
no synth output affecting hearing
sine waves arent wide bandwidth
HF sine or high output LF can fuck you the same
everything else has lots of harmonics, so unfiltered youre getting lots of HF usually

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i did
as a production technique demo for werq
home speaker dev lab support, acoustic and audio specialised, do a lot of linux embedded systems stuff
cheater_1: two saw or swuare wave oscillators, detuned a few cents from each other then mixed

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then you can shave off slices and smoke straight, without putting on top of flowers if you dont want to
also for the money, keef is a steal
goes for about the same price as herb, sometimes cheaper, and its very low in non psychoactive vegatable matter
buds, normal weed
drugs are bad, smoke weed every day
oh, and i have not tried that synth
have not had so much experience with hardware synths compared to soft stuff, sadly
you know arturia minibrute?
yeah a girl in software QA's boyfriend has one
want to try and get him to bring it into so we can use it with some expensive reference monitors and a monster pro sound sub
it was def a favorite at namm
arturia had one setup, and there was a line to play with it
like, the whole time
im more into phas emodulated reese shit, honestly

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yeah, ive used stream rippers for it and other shit before, but for work shit, if its not click-go its fail
i put 2.5g of blue dream keef in my press, oven at 200F for 30 min, in the freezer now for 15 min
`nico: drumsteps 6:10 in \o/
cheater_1: fuck no, pressed keef hash isnt unheard of
its not exactly common but its around
it doesnt blow away like normal keef, it burns easily but goes out
doesnt just keep going like normal hash
like, a few grams will compress down into a cylinder like a stack of nickels

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theres a hack to get soundcloud working on work things
have to look that up again
yeah not doing it like a retard
i fuck with the marketing people all the time like, yeah my pc has had all the music in the world for like 15 years
your shit doesnt even do soundcloud
tho technically i guess it is our shit
`nico: 3 hour goldie set next week

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for example, magnets in a humbucker pickup are supposed to be in contact with the two sets of steel poles passing through the coils
but in practice, theyre almost always just close
magnetic flux will bridge gaps where electrical current wont
so if the gap is very small, in many situations the gap can almost be ignored
it wont perform as well as continuous ferrite, but itll be close
clip on ferrites are two pieces
lots of transformer coils are in two pieces to make assembly possible
er, transformer cores

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dioxide: assuming a tight fit, should be close to the same

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