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monkeyisl: insulate from what?
caps coils and resistors and sane pcb layout?
you just do it right and it works

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floated scopes are nice
like the battery tektronix stuff, with the wallwart supplies
or just cheater plug your scope and try not to die
diff probes are nice but usually way expensive
because its supposed to be earthed
and generally this is an issue with measuring bridged amp outputs
in practice
yeah but its not necessary

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no so that it had an LED at all
blue versus red isnt really an issue
utility and resale
they all work
theyre why theyre so fucking expensive
i dunno im just guess based on what the interfaces normally go for
who knows

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then buy a fuckton of cables, and youll need lots of adapters and connectors and cable, i like pomona and neutrik stuff a lot
you want it
you dont care which one
fuck the pci and the pcmcia ones
but you want them even if just to sell them to buy a usb one
yeah theres prob an isa one too
you want the usb one
but you take whatever one you can get
that said, if its a good ap, buy it, but factor in the interface cost
if i had a choice i wouldnt use anything except the usb one
i met the product manager for the usb interface the other day, heh
cheater__: my guess is like $600 to $900
for the blue led
he said he had to fight hard for it, and that it blinks when the interface is active
im like cool! then pointed out it had the box velcro'd behind the laptop and i didnt even know it had an LED

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some systems with agressive limiters, at max power you could make the plots to backflips
*do backflips
for QA you want more channels
because you want to do shit fast and complete
for development, for budget, my suggestion is a system one dual domain and a dcx-127 (like a swiss army knife for your AP)
also consider the cost of the APIB interface
theyre not cheap, tho they finally did come out with a USB one
then youll need an amp
just get the biggest QSC with AB output (H or G is okay) you can afford
look it up

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triamps active speakers with too much DSP in a quasi realtime system
thing we just launches at work has like 9 amplifier channels
well stereo and surround all-in-one speakers are like the new rage
it makes acoustic jezus cry
apple jezus thinks its neat
i guess
for that stuff, a good high res DSO or analog scope is sometimes better
well, in most cases, no
for development, it can
for specification testing, two channels is almost perfect
you usually want an absolute measurement of one thing
and that one thing maybe references something else dynamic
like, you can measure output power and THD
then plot the measurement of THD versus the measurement of power

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because when you forget to do that life sucks measuring class-d and mixed analog/digital
because of the noise
it aint audio
class-d THD+N and SNR measurements are done through filters
yeah thats an issue
but that shows up in filtered measurements
and thats why it matters
high bandwidth can be useful
but its not necessary
system one dual domain that passes self test, with intact jacks and case is what you want
nothing else, if budget is #1 priority
thats all you need for audio
if youre doing ultrasonic shit youre buying the wrong gear
AP is audio optimized
get some other shit if you want to do more
u btw

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its not usable in an audio lab
makes working with transducers really frustrating =\
everything wood tops, either thick particle or maple, with steel frames
no metal benches
great for moving shelves
for the same reason
dont buy it
eventually theyll be unsupported like system one
prob in the next few years, and theyre more fragile and less popular
but to answer your question, yes ats-1 is about as programmable
a bit more, really
its more for production test than development
sys one dual domain is what you want
you dont want wider bandwidth
on the newer shit we run with it bandpassed to like 20 or 40 or whatever

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