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last weekend and this weekend and weekend after and bday are like my FUCKIT SPEND ALL THE MONEYS moments
then i try and stay home, do the cheap summer in santa barbara thing
may 23
laser cutting is neat
omg we got these grill samples chem etched
little dots in honeycome pattern, like 40% open area, maybe half mm holes
i think so
but the holes are amazing, you look in a microscope and shit doesnt have rough edges
and you zoom in and youre like, hey whats wrong with microscope, because at 10x edges look exactly as clean
steel, i think its stainless
maybe 1mm thick

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road trip!
laguna seca in monterey for american le mans, 4 hour endurance race
neighbor going with gf, think he wants a dude around
yeah i think that works in multiple contexts actually
then drive to chico, since halfway there
local friend moved up
yes we will do mad evil
weekend after i guess

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