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cheater__: dont use dBu
it needs to be obsoleted

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what that
heh analog synth with joystick interface or something?

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system one, its unsupported, but you can get ones that still work
system one dual domain is the cheapest AP you can get with digital IO
and the sys- stuff are like tank

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its newer
wait no i thought you meant sys-1
ats-1 is a fagile piece of shit
its lower cost, more for QA i guess, but theyre easier to hurt than sys one, and 2xxx 3xxx stuff
the new new stuff are just badass PC soundcards
wide channel count for QA, testing multichannel speaker systems

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looks simple for hoppy/smallshop
honestly i dont think i owuld buy any of their products anymore
id prob pay for a draftsight or turbocad license
prob because they really like the name
thats neat
when techshop comes to SB
sounds good

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so theyll usually have a panel with SPDIF and AES3 io
i think all the 2xxx and 3xxx series had same capability
it has digital audio generation, processing, and converting
2d or 3d?
try dassault draftsight for CAD
solidedge is supposed to be good
oh cam
well mastercam is out because thats super pro
this is pretty popular, havent used it much but seemed okay
my fav setup is mastercam plugin for solidworks
if you already have solidworks
isnt inventor some microsoft shit?
try that ^

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im not sure but maybe that is the same as a comparator?
with multiple ac inputs
based on the phase relation of two inputs?
this sounds like part of something else i once learned about
if this is audio shit you need an AP
yeah kinda
i returned mine and paypal gave me the money back
we have a few at work
ive prob played with most of their models
except the old portable thing
like under $1500 for a system one
it wasnt dual domain
and it didnt have an interface, i think it was more like $1200, but this was years and years ago, dont remember
does FFT (dont think it does RTA tho)
and AES3

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