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i tried arch on my eee4g
i like it, very slack/gentoo

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wow trader joes unsweetened black tea is gooood
thatll just put me to sleep tho

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i hate it when i eat the last piece of pizza without realizing

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tonsofpcs: speakon

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tonsofpcs: just for speakers and power

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speakon is like that
big tho
13:14 < macegr> or the contacts are on a lever so they don't drop onto the plug until full insertion
sounds all complicated
XLR is ground contact first, with lock lever, good enough

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which is fuck because now itll wear down plugs but meh
schurter/cliff/neutrik style jacks are okay
rab: i dont think it was plated
or shit wore off forever ago
yeah that part is retarded
macegr: thats 1/8"
and that contacts from one side
but yeah XLR and speakon are better in their respective applications
TRS for power blows me away
300W speaker, shitty 1/4" jack input
once the springs wear out, exactly

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TRS is cheap and compact
you can fit 16 jacks across a 1U panel
so it works for patch bays, but yeah XLR is awesome if you have the space/money
1/4" is pretty okay for reliability
1/8" is pretty bad
neutrik XLR and speakon ftw
tho if i get TRS i get the neutrik ones
fuck switchcraft and fuck amphenol, both companies are dead to me in terms of audio switch gear and jacks
its not typical
try and find a part
my switchcraft guitar jack is like that
constantly losing contact
i had to hit the sleeve with a file

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