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i sneezed a lot

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so sketchup got sold
but it still installs into a google directory?
or wtf

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yeah but keyboards usually have a cleaner tone, less saturated
need tons of power and range to compete
guitar center is holding the industry hostage
yeah that should work

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no i use it with reason or VST in reaper
kind of thinking about getting some shit like that tho
dont give money to them
getting this controller working was crappy
because battery died so all working presets lost

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i rly like my new free keyboards
er keyboard
no its an 88 aftertouch weighted key fatar thing
bunch of midi io, early 90s i think, use it with an m-audio 2x2 usbmidi interface

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oh east of SD
yeah dude its going to be hot
a little bit
for how long?

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china doesnt have all the colors
you should come see newjob
itll sag i think
so i guess you overstuff
its more expensive, like maybe 15% more
wow thats nice
kind of on the edge of the middle
is it hot where is imperial valley

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rab: haha
now dx has no time for us
he is probably off designing nuclear cooling pumps on a yacht
he did that?
i thought he just had a gf
soon mini dx will roam the earth
no more wealthy dx
want to try this stuff
prob not as stiff as the fiberglass panels
but they prob dont break and crumble either

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jen year or jenny ear
i <3 those little single pin header jumpers
dupont made those?
yes i want more details!
links and commentary and also like such as
i think we just created newhistory
go us
this site is laughing at me constantly

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prius get all stupid agressive here, wobbling around at 80mph
ill usually just hit like 100mph and get like 50 yards ahead and they usually stay put, dont bother me anymore
you wonder how these prius will run in 5 or 6 years
constantly restarting the engine, dickheads driving them at 110% all the time
i bet taxi fleets already know

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seen the vid of the cop who flashes a pruis in the fast lane
and as soon as the prius is over in the slow lane he turns his lights off

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fuck being in peoples blind spots
people tailgate when no one is around too

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