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depends on the material, and my guess is most materials, no
like i dont think it will do shit to stainless bearings in 100 years of exposure
it might fuck with synthetic bearings

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but yeah, i think higher than normal level of burnout from work, and the long drives, kind of feels like just a matter of time until very bad things
i love when people are like GOTTA MAKE SURE YOU DONT BURN OUT, YO
heh, ive been burnt out for years!

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situation is perhaps not sustainable
packing clothes, prob just crash at a friends
yeah just stop
few time ago, i was like literally 1 mi from home
handlin it
then i hear bot dots and i open my eyes im in the next lane, next to a semi truck
sucks, could have ended up in the wall or under the truck or some shit
i dont exactly do this at normal hours
yeah thats not a bad idea
except i cant get down their on the train
because too late, so id have to ditch the car and go back
los angeles from santa barbara
the train routes are perfect but nothing runs late
and i start heading back around 2am
sometimes im fine, im never in any state where i could get a DUI
long distance driving i can do
im kind of known for it
when we drove across the country in 40 hours, i did 2/3 of it, couldnt really sleep
im almost always the one driving everyone back home from desert parties
and am getting people in and out of hollywood pretty often
sober stoner

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oh nice it lets me hit back and redo it
no changed to yes, plan on going but no idea how ill be that week
boss has said several times 'shit we need to give you a day off'
and i havent mentioned shit after
yeah i didnt think this was super critical
maybe this year i get some stuff to bbq
you have some of aalib scope or something?
drumsound and bassline smith in 4 hours
oh nice
but yeah not thrilled about driving 100 miles back
lately if i dont stop and nap in parking lots, last 20 miles gets pretty scary

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why do you have a single turn pot connected to a 10 turn pot
exexjob had a bunch of old claristat stuff, seemed like good shit
its direct coupled or what
i should just take the week before make fair off
because weekend before is american le mans at laguna seca
sounds like some hacker shit

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island shaped islands?
timecop: those lemo connectors are ++awesome, tho
how lots of measurement mic cables are terminated

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