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cheater__: yes im sure
cheater__: because when its lower the bass isnt tactile, its heard

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As an example, Fs and Vas may vary considerably with input level, due to nonlinear changes in Cms. A typical 110 mm diameter full-range driver with an Fs of 95 Hz at 0.5 V signal level, might drop to 64 Hz when fed a 5 V input.
this is wrong
timecop: troll the wiki into rightness
because Fs rises as suspension tightens
duh, like guitar strings and drum heads and everything
so you drive the speaker 20dB hotter, the suspension will be tighter, and the resonant frequency will rise
due to nonlinear changes in Cms
the other thing that contributes is mass and that shit doesnt change

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space cats

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Slo-start is standard in all models. Automatically inches-up the masking noise at midnight over 10 days without costly return trips. This reduces the psychological impact of adding masking noise to the occupied space.
Reduces music levels during off-hours, providing a more adaptive environment and improves security.
instead of just like, turning it off

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i need a new motherboard for my cnc pc
but its ddr2 i think
so basically i should trash it
now i need a new cnc pc
however, coworker has a pc that has fallen off IT radar, hes like WANT PC because he knows i like wiping them out and fresh installing for hardware control workstations
yeah, parport
the mobo in it, i broke out a header to a slot dongle
so its a pizzabox
looks like i can get a pci parport with the short mounting plate for like $25
i think im just going to get that on company card and use it to drive cnc
that machine is totally the same machine as like, what 7 years ago?
fuck ive had that thing a long time

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Attenuation programmable from 0 to 24dB in 1.5dB steps.
you would totally hear that, but half the time you wouldnt be sure
are pink noise chips available?
motorola mcu is prob easy to get into?
or just hijack everything else
i would just hijack everything else and use some arm shit

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im going to build a tiny three way
for triamps, lazy style, speaker wires to .75" pitch banana, project done
oh shit this started i was going to look up the parameters for subs i already have

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mocking it up
omg it has a 5mm linear throw
one way

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heh neat how you can see the beam returning
ha return traces look awesome at high speed
omg that is so cute

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so my guess is the heatsink is closer to the chassis, so its transfering the heat more locally
but its the same amount of dissipation
so its prob that one has a hot spot
and one is just hot all over, its probably the same averaged
pc shutup
jezus fuck
anyway, thats actually an interesting problem
heatspreader will lower the temps, spread the energy around
a lot of the heat from the ones without the sink is probably going into the PCBA
spread out over a larger area
but you can take a piece of aluminum, like .1" thick or so, and just mount it to the chassis by the sink
and that will spread out the heat
you need mass and decent thermal transfer characteristics

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rucas: i dont understand what you said
oh youre saying the case of the device? not the part
i dont think thats right
its dissipating the same energy, just over a different surface area at a different rate
unless the chip is putting the heat someplace that its getting out of the chassy easier

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boom voltage
because no one uses E anymore
maybe physicists
never datasheets
who gives a fuck about the mil
well audio is more important than anything, and we use V
sorry to burst bubbles
military is no authority on audio
sounds like ths 80s

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