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wonder what that synth is
same thing
hes busy right now
for another hour at least

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i hope you dont mean an etard chick
hey this is pretty good
the middle sounds like all the other aphrodite tracks

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i missing aphrodite
next week is mixmaster doc, i like that giu, bassdrive.com dj i think
but omg end of the month drumsound and bassline smith
i should transfer to marketing so i can work in LA and not spend all the money on gas
fuck engineering im wasting my life
im gonna sell other peoples shit

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or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the script
in the future i think microwaves will be retained as a cooking tool specifically to burn cheese

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hmm i still have those 7 seg nixies
well, vfd
yeah im not so into standard nixie font/colors
it looks like cheap 90s light piping
but yeah, vfd 7segment in preamp size envelopes, omg sex

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