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fuck plastic RF engineers want to rework all the things
so yeah, my like +1000 microsoldering exp since working for RF guys
thats kinda cool

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like parallel with a heavily loaded power wire, or grounded halfway across the car from your source hardware
yeah its easy
awesome way to learn analog
haha, the rf guys at work will be like PUT AN 0201 2pF CAP THERE FOR ME PLS PLS
and theyre not joking
because at their native freq, that shit is like 50 ohms
modern analog audio design is 75% about EMC, ESD, and getting calculated ideal SNR and THD
shit is like textbook
teknique: i joke with the rf engineers like, you guys are paying for two pins in an epoxy drop not even pinched closer together than the part pitch
and they kind of goggle because they know its true
SMD inductors are like, tiny PCB with an S curve trace
or two winds of copper wire
its silly, its obvious why thats the edge of our capabilities in microelectronics

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gpf: ya but why!?
tecan: speaker level output is ass
i dont think it matters
this is audio
its not going to help tecan at all to start talking about skin effect
he needs speaker level inputs, or he needs to divide into the signal level inputs
except it doesnt matter, trust me
well, the signal wire matters, you want shielded shit
and in an ideal work, you build balanced line drivers and recievers like pro shit
car audio need that shit more than pro audio
but yeah for speaker level shit, youre so far above the noise floor, and impedance is so low, you gotta be doing something totally wrong to fuck up audio quality

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wtf is pc talking about
tecan: get a sub with speaker level inputs?

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