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few months ago, and sometimes stuff in my playlists goes away
how do you watch topgear?

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how much do you pay
i pay like $5 for mog and i can listen to almost every album ive ever owned
lots of jungle/dnb
and i dont know how much i pay for songza
just a bunch of categorized playlists
i think $5
yeah i just get wav or flac
i buy shit sometimes
macegr: mog/spotify you just search for it and play it
fuck paying for songs
ill pay for dnb wavs, because that shit is hard to get on web services
mog mobile has an offline mode
so does google cloud shit
yeah i really like paying a flat fee for unlimited use of a huge library
mog has a cool radio mode
with a slider for artist only and related artists
but yeah mog got pwnt by beats

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reza_____: used mog?
its 320kbps mp3, we use it for reference on work shit
its like spotify, mostly overlapping, but diff exclosive shit
spotify is ogg tho, its good compression, but you can kind of tell if you A/B
no its a music streaming service
acoustic engineers will usually have like half a dozen songs they hit shit with to kind of see whats up with it
all our stuff streams from web services, so mog is convenient
spotify is the most popular service
reza_____: i dont know anyone can tell the diff between 320kbps mp3 and cd
maybe im tripping but im pretty sure i can hear compression in the cymbals and distortion tones on spotify
pandora is 128kbps
pretty sure
our shit has pandora too

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