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yeah its not so bad a cut when you realize how small it is
we cut 1" at school
my first oxy jet cut was like 12" across a 12x12x1" plate
shit unzipped behind the 1/8" cut, was like 1/2" apart at the start when i was 3/4 through

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oh i thought it was like 3/4 or something

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you did good at most of the other parts tho!
how thick is that?

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active circuits arent fast enough
you can just do buffered filters for most other applications, it makes design super easy

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so now think really hard about the same thing but with a reactive load
i would put on some pink floyd and smoke a bowl and get in bed and stare at the cieling until it makes sense
im a big fan of meddle
animals is really good too
only if the hole in a toroid is big enough for my penis
so its gotta be like, 400VA minimum
obviously im not into potted shielded toroids

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do you know ohms law?
just checking
well you need to learn the power component of it
learn the dB scale for power and voltage
it wont make sense until you use it then it will make perfect sense
yeah well i usually just remember p=iv and v=ir and derive or lookup everything else
okay whats V in dB
youre fine, keep learning
take a single LC
tape it with a resistor
look at the freq response plot
*tap it
change the resistor value
look at plot, do that a bunch
dont do it IRL use LTspice

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oh like those are the only reasons...
haha, i think thats on top of stunt
at least hes doing the spoiled valley kid thing right
that area, in the hills, parents might have gotten him into cars
thats why i was so amazed the tuned host was all like, OMG CRAZY CAR IN THE MALIBU HILLS SO PUNK
like, thats where all the cool cars hide
and public schools in that area are well funded

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macegr: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/3634989535.html
he lives in calabasas
which might as well be malibu, its like more buffy with less redeeming qualities
unless youre into shopping
heh, usually you get maybe a tenth of the parts you put into a car
on top or normal market price, and normal market price for that car is about $500
smart kid tho, if he holds out hell get it
but of course this is not a commuter car unless you can live without HVAC and a radio.

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is it still printing i cant see anymore
oh im looking at a bolt head now, that doesnt print
how thick are your layers?
takes too long?
is it harder?
and thats better than entry level pro shit
i think think the FDM at last two jobs was like .010
it had two modes, i think fine was .011
yeah but this thing was pretty maintenance free and was run constantly
and was cheap, under $30k i think

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what are you making
for a girl
well this is better than painting a tek pink
so they are going to print interlinked or what
its what makes you want to make bracelets and paint things pink

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theres a CB museum in camarillo i used to like going to as a kid

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the grenade launcher didnt work?
lsd is big in iraq/afghanistan?
is this the guy got his wife pregnant from other side of the world?
rab: maybe suiciding at the US soldiers was his punishment for trippin
so magnetizer is on its way to work
screw will never fall off my bits again \o/

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maybe the ESR of the cap, too
cheap bipolar caps, definitely the ESR of the cap
yeah decent caps itll be much lower than the DCR of the coil
DCR = dc resistance
dontpani1: simplest way to do DC analysis is to pick a few frequencies
says 1hz, 100hz, and 10khz
calculate the impedance of the caps and inductors in the circuit
and then redo the circuit as resistors
redraw them on the same page, and itll help you to see what the caps and inductors do at diff frequencies
because i meant AC analysis
but in itds simplest form, AC analysis is DC analysis at different fixed frequencies
assuming sine waves

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blackmoon: yeah theyll lend money at like 400% normal interest rate
yeah your normal rate is high enough i guess
i have cards like ~5% that do cash advance at like ~20%
pay us $15!
that sounds more responsible than us cards
blackmoon: they make more money like that
youre prob going to live forever

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get a micromill
then get more money
1k wouldnt even be enough for the tooling to make the mill useful
used bridgeport
did you pay back the mill?
is probably why

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yeah we connect it to all sorts of lab gear, air rams on fixtures, glue applicators, thermal chambers
all that shit wants regulators
okay time for bagels
also its nice to be able to turn down the air nozzle pressure
i use them to blow alc off PCBA when im cleaning of flux
because you dont want to blow off parts and rip pads, but you want to be able to blow the alc out from under the parts

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i need to clean off my cpu fansink
everytime i watch a vid the fan is like neeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIII
do you blow off your machine tools?
or are you in the dont blow chips into the small openings camp
most regulators will keep the air pretty dry too
blackmoon: the external ones with the water catches
yeah thats what i mean
not the ones attached to the compressors
little ones, every big compressor ive used had external regs with seperators

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