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i should do that
but i should also sleep

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im pretty sure someone has painted a tek pink

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macegr: wat
is it for a girl?
unless its to keep people from taking it, thats dumb
and girls will take it

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except it basically said +/- 1% or .05R about all the parts
my guess is IRL its < .025

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hmm cant find the spec in the yageo datasheet
we had this convo in here like 5 years ago and found a datasheet with something indirectly stated about the 0R parts
because vishay rawks
it still has to have a spec
then yeah theres prob something indirect that states it
it wasnt spelled out when we saw it
for everything or 0R?
thats what i remember the spec being when i saw it

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the difference is usually the maximum resistance spec
itll be like +/- %1 or .05 ohm, whichever is greater
pulled that out of my ass, and no
right so you buy resistance that low if you need it to be dead on
the fucking solder between thye pad and terminals is prob more...

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