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but yeah for light duty shit maybe possibly

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yeah but its like toolmarks, even when you cant feel it you can see it
it looks printed
no i think we just have a machine thats used daily so its not like their perfect demo shit
the clear car looks buffed
those figures look awesome, tho
i think we can two two materials plus support material in one cycle
yeah our shit is as much as a house
and houses arent cheap here
but we hired an ME tech and hes got the shit running almost constantly
$600 for a good one?
so if you were a business
that means $1500 direct, like $3000 thru retail
and the shit still isnt so bad
i wont ever buy xylotex again

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i think theyre polished
why nope do they say nope?
you would have to clean out the support material
unless they let it dissolve away or some shit
i guess if you have forever
yeah thats what we have at work
if you can just dissolve the material away, were not waiting
yeah we have this water jet booth, with gloves and little windshield wiper, comes with the machine
yeah thats our setup
like i said, the standard material is weird, paint doesnt stick to it great, you have to buff the layer marks out of the clear stuff

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we have a big one at work
basically an inkjet printer, uses uv cured fluid
because why
dunno its better and worse than FDM last job had
material is weird
and maintenance is a bitch
FDM machines didnt seem to need much
at least no one gave a shit enough to do it, and it worked fine for years at both places

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just my speakers prob do like 30W idle
my shit is whining like it wants to be dusted
i need to have some dumbass build me a pc
so it sucks in two years and i have to get a new one
i build them and shit goes for like, 5 or 6 years
im so sick of this pc
i gave the last one to my mom
and i think it burnt out
yeah it died i think
i gave her the cnc pc
when i rebuilt it with an atom
what did you do to it
it it FAST now or what

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prob because flooring it through and auto gearbox
so you zoom around on a cold engine and just turn it off hot, every fucking time?
i thought you rode your bike sometimes?
or was it like, train + bike?
in LA bus + bike was like this ninja strike force shit
yeah me too =\
people thought i got my bike stole
im like wat, no ITS COLD BITCHES
itll be bright and super clear and sunny
and you look outside and it looks 75
but its 45
and it doesnt warm up
because now the stupid ocean finally got cold
yeah atom boards are awesome
fuck i dont even want to measure my PC

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windows closed a/c off cruising at 65? maybe
my car got 32.5mpg
but yeah, that was 70mph, windows up, a/c off, drafting big things
300 miles down the 101
is the normal engine a v6 or i6?
so get an i6

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i fed it whole tank on sunday, now all gone
its prob a pic
wait what
this is some digital gauge on your dash?
thats some fairytale shit
you fill up your tank and use your trip odometer
that shit is like, throttle pot to linear map into average bin
on the what?
the fuckin gauge on that dash?
1/4 on a gas gauge is like 1/8 irl

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yeah thats not free
so you find one of those girls and marry her
and maybe save $5
its just uncalifornian
my poor toyotaCar

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yeah fuck the bay
theyre called freeways, bitches
how old is it
and why are they going to stop
you guys pay it
theyll keep raising it
so pick the services you want to cut to have free bridges
because now your city is all dependent
people hate that
raising taxes bad
bullshit fees, less bad

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yeah usually left on like that for a couple weeks and theyll die
also my other point is my calipers skipped 25 mils
thats pretty noticable
and i dont fuck with tube amps =)
this was prob part of exjobs downfall
do you have contact infos?
he was prob in a lab coat and shit
with a geek prob
like a circuit board dinosaur or some shit

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you missed my whole explanation didnt you
we dont have a lab full of mitutoyo digis
we use them as scribed and they get shit all over them
three labs, and yeah 5 calipers being used all day will go through a bin full of batteries pretty quick
and we got other shit to deal with
and all three labs had their upsides
they go into standby

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yeah but shit gets old and shitty qc is normal
i dont like digital calipers either
nope, <3 dials
dials dont run out of battery
and usually they dont skip
somehow my SPI ones jumped 90 degrees, so zerod it was pointing to the right
yeah well in every lab ive been in
5 digital calipers, batteries dead, secret battery bin empty
two or three dial calipers, always put away because im the only one that uses them
always work
and if there was a digital and a vernier, i might grab the vernier
mitutitoyo vernier vs harbor freight digital, im taking the mits

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theyre all din4?
no way what are my oxy torch goggles
like 3-4 no?
yeah ive seen autodarks didnt even seem like my googles
can you change out the lenses?
would hope so
yeah but the base lens
weird i thought they were way lighter
but yeah instantly to a person is like 1ms

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shit happens
if i use an autodark for casual shit i prob use it if i gotta weld for weeks
yeah fuck all that
im not trying to be blinded in a shop because i got a 0.5% fail helmet
sustained or a pulse?
i seen psu blow up, prob tenth of a second of spark and embers
and i can see that for a few minutes
and yeah i used to stare at the sun
as a kid
my sister too

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fuck yeah tig is fun
mig is kinda boring
wtf dont use autodarks
you flip down the shield and spark it and you basically have the finger of god in front of your eyes
youll see fine, as much as you could with an autodark at least
but yeah fuck an LCD, gimme really glass
then youre doing it rod
yeah just tape your iphone to your face and use the camera with the brightness turned down
it would be better than an autodark
whatever because electronics fail
and yeah you shouldnt be able to turn your eye protection down for arc =\
so theres nothing in the light that would damage your eyes
even tho it would blind you?

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fuckin idiot
koreans arent know for QC
theyre know for working fast
japanese = QC, china = fuckit
workers dont do well afraid
macegr: heh
anyway, its a mess with little payback
owning n korea is like putting our troops in a china crosshair
so were not gonna do it
if we dont no one else will
this of course assumes our gov isnt trying to just kill us all
which likely isnt the case, so we prob at war by next year, and asia prob doesnt exist by 2015
macegr: he could do it
well its just easier to control
yeah when you run everything i dont think there has to be a long term

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FC is second, FD is the last, vin id stuff
im a huge fan of FB and FD, but FB are almost all gone
there was a period in the late 90s where you would see them setup for amateur race like, everywhere
which quickly becomes two parts car in a driveway for one race car
then they all go away
914 were same, either restoration or racing
early 90s tho, then all gone
whatever its going normal
nukes mean they dont get bombed on
so theyll keep developing them
they learned that shit from us in the 50s, where they are currently stuck
they dont have enough oil for us to give a fuck
they dont have enough cheap labor
when that shit cracks some major civil rights drama is going to go down
and s korea is going to have to deal with it
no not really
theyre not that big of a country
theyre just not that big
infrastructure is prob a joke
and theyre going to have major mental health issues for decades

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macegr: i thought that was his place
and whatever im local i can hate on kids growing up in topanga and malibu
because obviously this is where everyone in the valley wants to grow up
more interesting to think about roads in the santa monica mountains
and keeping up regional relations
also i kind of laughed when the guy thought it was crazy to drive that sort of beast around the people in malibu
thats what everyone does with their insane sport things, if youre not a car person it prob just fades into the background
but yeah FB with transplants are fucking amazing, its pretty much as omgwtfOMGFUUUUU like big engines in a 914
FB is first gen rx7

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macegr: ha i think i have a pic of my scion on the turn wheres he talking about the car
hahaha NICE
he tested it by going up and down stunt road until it didnt break
but yeah, the difference between his POS car and everyone elses i know, is hes a rich kid from malibu or topanga

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macegr: <3 the FB
before they mostly dissapearedm youd see them on trailers a ton, primered, ready for SCCA/NASA madness

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no u

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