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i seen those
rab: with a 100K divider i dont think output impedance would matter, off a gio hi
tho yeah not so much cap because eat all electrons up

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just use a high z divider and a ton od decoupling
as much cap as you can deal with in terms of latency
btw i have no idea what you guys are doing

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ccfl_man: 7seg VFD tubes ftmfw
they got 100

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like, dont buy a 10A relay if you know youre going to be pulling 9.8A all the time

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every little transient will jump
they just look big because standard package
they could wrap the coil with heavier gauge wire, way more turns, and use heavy contacts with coil springs for large gaps
make a 240VAC 10A in the same package
yeah if youre going to switch appliances via a relay to an outlet, it should be mains current rated like gpf says
at least
like for 120VAC, you want a 20A relay
if available and you can afford it, for a 120VAC 20A outlet you want at least 25A, etc
you want like a 20-25% safety factor versus the current of the breaker
design in general, if youre not sure just spec 25% more than your expected worst case

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well it doesnt look like a high voltage AC relay
and it doesnt look like it has a 5V or 9V coil
so itll take some extra bits
and i dont think it will do a wall outlet
so you need a 12vdc supply, and some transistors for level shifting
and you can do like 60W max, just DC up to ~30V
not beefy enough for 110V
my guess because it has lighter leaf springs with not so much deflection, so the gap is too small for mains

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rab: yes
it might be, it prob has ratings on the side
did you find sockets too?
those dont really look like 15A contacts, heh
dont see any coil spring either
yeah im not sure i think it says 12VDC 2A Cont.

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rab: variation of an older rasta cable hangar

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