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woah this shit is almost creepy
ha 2nd track girls headphones are bleeding

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surfers are seriously kick back
like, fuckit next week, for more than a month now
theyre not always consecutive weekends either
so some weekends, they take a rest from not having the tournament

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the dubstep guys will get the big house sound system for their sets
because super headliner mfkrs
and theyll will drop drum and bass at the house ravers
and its like they dont even realize, they keep rawking out
thats kinda cool
lots of little shows will have opening dj

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looks like a music festival in san bernadino
i dont have speakers on
i dont like disco
you know what was cool about some disco?
funky bassline
you know what house never has?
funk bassline
they did its called progressive house and it has droning jungle sub bass and amen drums
southern rap has done better at jungle bass than house
house is just disco without a bass guitar
drum is bass
tho at the massives they always get the best sound

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drum n bass
haha dumb and bass
dumb and badd
i cant even type intentionally without typoing it correct
festivals are cool
but you gotta go to your home
my home has dara and black sun empire this month
burners are homeless almost all year
my friend wants to do speaker artcar
i have to keep him from spending money on stupid shit like moving and food
and motivate him to follow his burnerdream
from 1000 people
pasquale made his from funktion one
so its coolest in the world because funktion one
and coolest in the world because pasquale

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macegr: worse case i sell it, they go up and always more at the door
holy shit
fonda theater = musicbox
you had to have been there
huge sound, maybe 3k capacity, but there were these very catholic renaissance looking paintings, lots of demon and deviant sex shit
plus cherubs, or whatever
like they turn the lights on and you want to get the fuck out
so youre a burner now
and you listen to burnerhouse
or what
i gave my friend speakers and he brought drum n badd to the playa
what did you bring

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`nico: !
this week is dara
black sun empire last thursday
i never miss that guy
and then the monday before black sun empire is hype
im buying two tickets

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is 220uF the main decoupling capacitance?
thats kinda cool, maybe bit spendy compared to some relays
need to be like, special badass fet
or maybe not i dunno what your thing

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carl rove is a robot
guys im hungry
it has to become edible

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talk to

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hello channel resources
and tecan
dont be a mfkr

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