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you hire on craigslist because you dont give a fuck about licenses, you want to save the money

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says works perfect, non smoking place, but faders were recently lubed
so i maybe gotta replace faders
but like, its a Rane, excuse to take it apart is a good thing

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dunno i live in a city where parking is crazy fucked, but there arent any parking signs on my block
so i get to park in front of my apartment 90% of the time
current parking situation: really awesome, all things considered
so i kept getting errors trying to buy this thing
so the people on the phone are like TRY NOW
and this time i forgot to change shipping address, and it worked

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back on hold...
phones are stupid

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rab: those things look nuts
rab: if the original crossover has film caps, just copy it
if it has electrolytics, good luck
shitty url
rab: super vintage! i would just try replacing the electrolytics
if you want to be super nuts about it, measure with mic, get low ESR caps, and add series resistance until plot looks similar
then try and get tweeters and mids with similar voice coil inductance, DCR, and resonance frequency
but yeah youre prob better off doing a two way or three way from scratch with parts express drivers, if youre going to be replacing shit

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he knows
you mean passive filters in the preamp
yeah its expensive or its a lot of DIY crap
rab: theyre two way speakers?
the big issue with two way speakers you almost always have to cross the tweeter too low, around its resonance
so itll ring
and your crossover shapes will be all wrong
oh 5 way
i read 5.1
dont both of them belong to init?
inittab: omg fix!

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my friend explains how they would do the same type of shit back in the day
but with actual paper plotters and decade boxes, and like math and shit
like, you iterate instead of the software doing it
active setups are just better, for so many reasons, probably all of which youre already aware of
that said, buying huge film caps at <=5% is always a good time
god i cant remember last time ~300khz speed didnt work for me

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commercial products are like 300 to 500% markup on parts costs tho, so normal products cant afford good crossovers
they use resistors too small, bipolar electrolytics with seriously funny ESR values (cap with an ESR of 20 ohms doesnt work right in series with 2 ohms, heh)
and theyll use ferrite core inductors, which distort
because air core is huge and expensive
also calculating crossovers based on nominal or even DCR values never works right
because resonance and inductance curves in the impedance plot
pro crossover software accounts for frequency response and impedance, and then gives you values for ideal filter alignments
like, you dont tell the computer filter parameters to get a 24dB linkwitz riley aligned crossover
you feed it amplitude and impedance versus frequency plots, and it figures it out
electronically the filters measure funny, but acoustically they measure correct

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oddly the rockits measured pretty flay, like +/-2dB, and two speakers with completely diff serial number formats measured the same, within 1dB
like, the woofer texture or shade of yellow dont even match
rab: they sound more like monitor speakers to me than the rockits, so the freq response plots surprised me
ive always thought of the rockits as dark
their tweeter isnt as good as the vxt, just doesnt seem to come across in the response plots
yeah definitely
the low end transient response on the genelecs is unreal listening nearfield
like, life changing
my guess is the rockit tweeter has a shitty looking group delay plot
why it sounds warm and fuzzy
you have to spend lots of film caps, but for a solo project its okay

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ac-130u: every day on every other street corner
that might be the first R&D since company left AVID
its a triamp, so it cant be directly based on the BX series electronics
more EQ options, too
i really like the wood ADAM baffles
rab: i measured those BX5 monitors that i scammed guitar center out of, theyre voiced bright like 3 or 4 dB, and couple dB boosted at crossover, but they werent that bad
better than i expected

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so the problem is TTL levels into an *actual* modem?
this is why you should avoid devices use the extra pins
rab: theyre owned by same company as Alesis/Akai/Numark since last year
i think so
so theyre not AVID anymore, which is a good thing
but prob M-Audio core talent has already left
i know people worked in software QA there, and it sounded rought, really horrible the way they handled cutting down on staff
they basically announced layoffs 9 months in advance
after using a lot of vocabulary about 'transformation'
then a few months later, told them they changed their mind
they werent really going to lay them off
so everyone left
the same people who ran that shit are now CEO and COO at line 6
los angeles is closer

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m-audio is doing 3-way monitors, coaxial mid-tweets, natural wood baffle shapred a lot like the ADAM baffles
and i respect M-Audio for being functional shit at pretty low cost
also they cover a lot of gaps, as far as little connectivity gadgets
but yeah they been kicked around a lot last 5 years
avid took thyeir engineering department apart
i wanted to get opped to topic this...
inittab: wake up fool
uli answers a lot of questions about behringer quality, being the first to use china CM
hes right about Kwanasia
the guy who says hes never been fucked by Kawnasia probably just doesn;t know yet
anyway, one of the better reads on doing china manufacturing right

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it switches instantly, no pops, no audible rampup
and you can hit the tactiles like NES buttons and itll keep up
better than any radio button or relay based system ive used
why am i going to denver on 4/20
i usually go hiking or some shit
i should do that today instead of going to NAMM
theme this year is still speakers are the hip thing to do, coaxials now
and roland released an all in one, bose wave radio looking thing
also peavey is doing some weather proof speakers, one series in plastic with IP45 rating, other one in composite fiberboard, basically to sound like MDF without sponging up humidity and warping
peavey pro audio credibility: > M-Audio

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the people one the phone are telling me i can do it, the paypal ebay and credit people, and shit is like SORRY CANNOT PROCESS ORDER
*hate& the extra pins
fucking nothing works right on weekends
rab: Rane HAL2 rack dsp is like 95% awesome so far
took a few hours to figure out, but i got A/B/C/D switching between AES3 (genelecs), amps outputs for voicing prototype, and analog outs for driving systems

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i hate those other pinds... rts to rts and cts to cts sounds wrong
wait that all sounds wrong
i dunno man i look at pinouts
and then connect things like it makes sense
and believe it or not it usually works on the first try
designed in thailand
phone battery so dead it wont stay booted even on the charger
fuckin paypal wont even let me spend my money irresponsibly

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