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this virtual layer looks like all kinda of fucked up

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awesome, i missed that show
they posted it
oh fuck his mic is way hot that hurt =\

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nope =(
gcc is some like, shaking itself to pieces, burning up on reentry, ready to come apart at any second type shit
havent used linux much in the last 5 years since ive been using EDA and CAD apps so much

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you work with a lot of industry specific code on the daily, and bugs are like, daily livin, blame it on being italian, blame it on fuckin germans, just make up something funny because it aint gonna get fixed
in an open system, company using the shit could just hire a coder to fix it if they dont already have the resources
in closed source, you are at the mercy of a corporations resources, or lack there of, due to bad management, unskilled workers, employees leaving, not enough money
which there is plenty of to go around
both models are fucked up
there are gems from both camps
and 95% of the shit is somrewhere in between, both source code models

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well, free is a pretty big deal
also windows on embedded systems would be pretty silly
log into audio shit at current and exjob, be able to use it the same exact way i would a light linux install, way awesome
its way more universal because its open source
yeah wellcome to anything powerful
nothing is all good
the biggest pro of open source is users can get into the code base to fix shit thats broken
the biggest negative of open source is users can get into the code base to exploit shit thats broken
some open source shit happens to be free
well in an open system, its more likely to be published openly if its truly not
in a closed system, its likely that it would be covered up for as long as possible
closed source has plenty of broken fucked up code

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ive compiked whole systems and they worked
i dont think it would go down the same on windows
gentoo yes, LFS, no
well ive installed binary shit and had it work fine too
which is how closed source shit works
and ive wasted days fighting with windows drivers
usually in that case there is no logic
you just keep doing same shit slightly diff until it decides to work
or run a cnc machine without it sucking
i run windows at work and on my main home pc
just noting that closed source can be as or more retarded
and windows will still suck worse if it wasnt in competition with open source
explorer is almost usable
also, ive been using gimp for years, and all my issues with it have been subjective UI shit, its not broken
runs the same on windows and linux

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prob learned the most with slack, gentoo and LFS
because you had to setup so much of it yourself
its neat tho, i logged into the speaker we do at work, and im looking around the filesystem and tripping out i still remember what all this shit does
yeah ive never like gnome or kde
almost always use a *box
xfce4 is pretty neat if you need full desktop functionality but dont want something as heavy as gnome
all the gnome lib apps will run on it but its way easier on the pc
i never been able to get a debian install running how i liked
weird too since i learned a ton about linux from a bunch of swedes who swear by debian
dunno what that is

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initially did it to learn
which was awesome
then i did it a few times when i wanted a tiny linux and just a few packages, without x
well you build the shit chrooted
so its almost the same thing, i would build in an xterm while watching internets or whatever
yeah id prob use arch or dsl
i dont remember how much space the arch install on the eee 4g i did a few weeks ago was
i think it was way under 1gb
did you ever use gentoo befor eit had an installer?
i had a lot of time
when i was going to school full time

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`nico: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/stable/chapter01/how.html
possibly chapter 5 helps
tho thats setting up a core system along with gcc

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pretty sure all the chicken and egg situations i remember were specific to building a local gcc using a locally built gcc
like, getting the local gcc built was not straight forward
maybe that is the situation youre going through
i think building the new gcc from the local built gcc went smoother than building the local built gcc from a binary gcc

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why you downloading the internets
ive read maybe 1/4 of that
should get back to that

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and thats totally fuckin normal
how is that a diff distro
its still freebsd, the core system and gcc were prob compiled with the same set of flags
how core system and gcc are built is kind of what seperates most distros, besides pkg manager
oddly, shit seemed to compile for me easiest on my gentoo and LFS installs
LFS makes sense, gentoo makes absolutely no sense
`nico: ive built and used several LFS systems
so yes ive compiled gcc
which is why i know compiling shit on diff linux distros and getting diff errors is like, expected

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werq, bbl

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weed is enough

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sculptor: !

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