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^5 trolldork

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the band rejected no rains jovial sprit on like the other 10 tracks on the first album =\

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oh trip out thats like front desk girl mk i, +40lbs
man fuck this music reviewer
It appeared as though the band rejected the jovial spirit of No Rain and focused on much darker material for their follow-up, Soup.

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timecop: old
posted on the wall in the ME department of my last job
their white boards were awesome
like half a downward spiral of 'solutions' and the other side various bets, ECO scorecards, random doodles by the ID guy

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yeah but he didnt just cover the song
he used the original masters of a band he wasnt in anymore
heheh, which is awesome

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why is the early 70s recording of war pigs on a late 90s osbourne album
oh trip altered lyrics
over the original masters
haha pimp
yeah his new lyrics dont seem as awesome

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you can but them
anyway, i have high confidence itll work fine
however also i wouldnt be surprised if it burnt in a year because of some weird powerdown condition or whatever random shit
cerwin vega just put knobs on normal shafts
and then put bigass hole in the panel that just the tops of knobs stuck out of
like, because hard to break off knobs like that
also use any pots, knobs, dont need to tool or special order pots
haha instead of chassis length shaft couples, itd be funny to see super long knobs

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the higher the resistor value, the more log shaped the curve gets
no do it in parallel with the whole thing and...
hmm no i dont think that will do it
if you put 100K across the high side of the wiper itll prob make the slightly funky curve symmetrical around the center of the pot
this is kinda cool i never really thought about tweaking a pot like that
anyway, get a 10k pot 2 watt pot
personal pref, unless you need super precision, wirewound are neat
if you need the 6mm 40mm, you can prob make a shaft coupler
you do shop shit, no?
no you
i gotta do laundry =(

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doesnt sound too uncommon
6mm is more common than 1/4" now
40mm might be a bitch off the shelf
look it says +10/-10 VDC
so thats 20V, still only 40mA
its for fault tolerance, likely you can hook almost any pot onto it and itll work okay
the curve will be a bit diff on everything because of the input impedance
but prob anything under 100K will work, under 20K will prob work well
yeah but the curve will prob be weird
because theres 100K across the low side of the pot

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does chrome have built in PDF support?
because it sucks hard
then whatever plugin im using sucks
nice, url to foxits open file textbox, and shit opens
well, because its industrial shit looks like it attaches to a DIN strip
and 2W is prob a small pot to them
maybe for fault tolerance
its like 10mW at 10V

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see this is when having mechanical engineers and high build quantities comes in handy
whats it connected to
and does it spec it for a reason or because thats what they are using
if it says 2W i think theres prob a reason (maybe a dumb one or corner case, who knows)
if it says a part number, and you looked it up and it says 2W, my guess is they picked it for one of 20 reasons and statistically, wattage prob wasn't the reason
product designers are big on pot feel
all about the knobs, yo
allen bradley sounds like mil shit

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anyway, they cause like <1% issues a lot of times
bigass resistor values
like, someone has a radiating dvd player or cell phone, circuit goes nuts
so this is a battery switcher?
wait no im confused again
just use a two pole switch!
special switch?

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and maybe diodes from VCC to ADC if you dont trust the internal ones
and just use the Zin of the ADC?
unless its less than 100K i wouldnt trust it for anything, and for diodes i want to pull least like few hundred uA
anyway, 1M+1M will work, but itll be way sensitive to EMI
i dont think noise matters at all in your application
honestly tho, as an audio hacker, i have to advise against anything above 100K
in analog circuits its too noisy, and all of a suddent parasitics become meaningful
and parasitics shouldnt be an issue in audio, its basically making shit harder than it should be and in almost all cases limiting your performance potential
generally you try and keep things between 1K and 47K and nominally 10K is on the high side of okay
but noise isnt a big problem in your case, an interaction with Zin and parasitics wont matter either
hell itll prob help debounce
reza_____: feedback networks and reference for transistor bases or comparators
and yeah, attenuation

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so threshold is always battery/2, and then just put the switch inputs on each vin+
yeah that works if you only need two state
tho itll go nuts when shit is set middle
also most cheap comparators are going to be duals
like opamps
yeah if you have the adc to spare, pair of dividers will do it

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you are trying to use the battery voltage on an io to detect low charge conditions?
wtf is going on =\
do that?
i seen that all over the place
usually just a pair of 10K as a divider off the battery to ADC
or comparator
yeah you could use a comparator to level shift, too
and flip at a set voltage
do hysteresis or filtering in hardware or software
reza_____: yeah i think i get it now
like, the switch position is sensed off to the left and switch to either end enable the fets
dual comparator, 10K+10K divider off the battery as the reference
that way you dont waste ADC or depend on digital inputs thresholds or vmax
dual comparator, for vin- on both, 10K+10K divider from battery

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im assuming all GOI just by the title of the table
can maybe find a zener that works too
you dont have to deal with two temp and current variations
if you turn off the pulldown it will bring the pin to same potential as whats on the other side of the diodes
maybe okay because no current tho

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yeah gtk on windows is the shittiest thing about gimp
yeah it wasnt any more frustrating for me than illustrator
nice, their neg and pos thresholds overlap
oh its direction of the edge to define schmiddt triggering
right they got the hysteresis

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whats wrong with the gimp?
this is how i edit photos at work so i dont have to ask for a whatever thousand dollar package
jezus fuck no you can barely crop and scale with that shit
does that shit even do layers?
let alone layer mixing
so yeah if youre comparing it to ms paint, its not even same fucking ballpark
aw fuck i forgot they put ribbon in new ms paint
yeah no layers
doesnt look like itll do paths either
inkscape is vector?
i think ive used that, i dont like working with beziers

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