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dx^: kinda

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asagio cheese
and netflix and melba toast
and knives
also dishes, laundry, clean bathroom
how caucasion
holy fuck this cheese is goooood

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prob write some sort of fucking program

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im kinda srs =\
from an asm file, you get shit into a uC with .something statements
so ive done all sorts of text editor macro shit to get from random data formats into blocks of asm preprocessor statements
like, i want to put colors from an image into a uC, so save in GIMP as html, use pspad macros to chop out the html and format each line to paste into avrstudio
its mindless and quick
how would you generate preprocessor statements from random strings of color someone draws in GIMP

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text editor macros!

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or was it crossing streams

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damn the place that has the weed i want isnt open today
macegr: 100 miles away
they only have delivery here

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guys when is it going to stop raining
joke is the dubstep?
its supposed to rain forever there, tho

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most of that stuff looks pretty good
im going to make this today

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im going to make food for all week i think
but first i have to throw all the old food out

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talk to tomat

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