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where is dx i need a redneck
wtf is a green tomato
like fried green ones and pickled ones
is it an unripe tomato
or a tamatillo
well tmatillo are tart
they turn yellow, not red
they stop tasting as awesome when they are ripe

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these are pretty neat too, only come with one size pad tho
strip wire, tape it on

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what does it do
your power indicator is eree7
i think ive seen him elsewhere
omg hes touching the inside of a cap with his bare hands
hes not with them anymore because hes dead

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why did you take your speakers to burning man
dont give that company money anymore
what did you plug them into
that must have sounded awesome =\
well its 3w

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i dunno i did for like 20 minutes 4 years ago
shit spins, hasnt failed
shit dont even make noise maybe i bought some panaflows or sunon or fuck knows
why would you give them money
was it 80mm?
oh nice
did you see $20 headphone link?
everyone needs headphones
macegr: because headphones are awesome sound quality for 1/10 the cost of equiv speakers
for srs

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01:23 <+timecop> in a case fan (pc) do i want fan blowing in or out
jesus fuck youve been a geek for like a hundred years
make it blow the direction that makes sense
hes a software engineer!
yeah i was going to explain the dust thing but stepped away
you dont have a choice with a psu fan unless youre like voiding warranties and shit
i usually had the rear fan pointed out
then everything else pointed in
unless rear fan is only fan
but thats a stupid case

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hes fucking around he has a bunch of videos like that
hes actually a decent comedic actor, i think
id like to see a movie

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when you type bro do you pronounce it bruh
r u sure
cars pasted this shit like 2 hours ago
dont watch the one with canadian money
he doesnt put current through it nothing catches fire

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nothing has zero latency

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you could do the transmitter with a DDS synth and the receiver could just track zero crossings after some notch filters

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so like, i turn off my subwoofer to mute my speakers to use headphones
because the speakers are hooked into the usb interface through the sub
so like, signal is getting through the passives in the subs crossover electronics and into the speakers
which totally makes sense but its annoying
has that ever stopped me?
and you could just set a freq threshold and above that is a 1 and below is a 0

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rab: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10823&cs_id=1082302&p_id=8323&seq=1&format=2
theyre voiced way fun, super warm, decent transient bass, but they dont distort much, and i can hear most of the detail in stuff that i can with sony mdr-7506
kind of like mdr-v700 i guess, but like 1/4 the moneys

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