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fuck if i know my bot pass
the local trash is following you in or something?
well ask the next active op i guess
i should prob get init to reset my pass or some shit

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spent all day in a bubble in front of my little heater, everytime i look at the clock after opening my eyes, hour gone by
would feel like 10min, morning is going to suck
i will prob fall asleep real good 90min before i have to wake up
im not sure what you mean
ive been stoned pretty consistently the whole long weekend

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i work in audio its like, switchers with no feedback and protection circuits its like they threw some BJT and RC down like dice and called it awesome, shipped it
looks pretty normal?
what input
dropout is like ~6.5?
ship it with 9v
do you buy japan specific psu?
100V? or just use 120V stuff
you know electronically, the japanese always get fucked
all japanese blenders = slooow
yeah its unregged
it dunno
vregged shit prob handles it okay, just maybe doesnt heat up or respond to temp changes as fast
so i have a cold and this whip lash pain in my shoulder (think from sleeping funny)

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for 5V adj i just use some TI or on semi or whatever
ha nice package
dont want switchers
at all, no more clocks than absolutelt necessary
do those come in 2%?
theyre usually like, extra suffix models with ninja specs that cost 3x normal ones
i think normal 78xx is 5%
well your shit is a mess of switchers and clocks anyway
wasnt it a joke when we stuck audio junk on one of your boards?

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goal is basically plug in any AC or DC wallwarts (ya, two) from like 7V to 15V (rectified) and shit just works
and yeah maybe i just do adjustable vreg

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its easier to source decent 5V regs with wide vin range
yeah thats why i asked
ty troll
jamax: see, here they help, you just have to invest like 5 years of training
jezus fuck youve prob been here longer
ywah i want to 18Vmax the device input, without using some sort of $2 magic regulator
18V to 3.3V at 2% in sexy packages with decent efficiency and PSRR and all that, not happening

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ninjasmacked the jamax issue
im assuming, i see a lot of scroll so he maybe pulled off a decent troll
timecop: 2% vregs, like 150mA, you prob just use chinashit?
thinking maybe i should just do a pair of 5Vin 3.3V regs and get a pair of real 5V regs (i need one for the dac anyway)
sculptor: dac!
.50 qty 1
10k in stock, nice
yeah need a 5v reg

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