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haha no thats kinda funny

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the fatar is like that, all the UI stuff on one bigass pcba, all the processor and midi hardware stuff on another
looks like it would be really simple to kind of hijack all the useful hardware
because i dont give a fuck about zones really
id rather have 8 more mappable buttons

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try and see if they totally isolated the UI from the processor board
maybe you can replace just that

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for knobs and faders and 4x4 pads
call it done
rab: someone brought in an oberheim expander to exjob for CTO to try and fix (he designed it)
so it sat for a few weeks then CTO walks up to it, everyone gathers around, he walks off
come back couple days later, replaces a EPROM, thing is like new except needed to be calibrated
lucky synth
supposedly the last old moog is kind of the same
at that point he seemed to have lost interest in favor of fucking with theramins, heh
you know someone isnt in it for money and glory when hes like, fuck industry defining synths, im going to make better theramins

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studiologic/fatar host old manuals, but i think theyve updated them and not translated, so they only host the italian sections online
have to look all over internets for old versions with english section, and even then i only found manual for lower trim models that i had to kind of guess from
im goinf to get some new knobs for the faders or shim these, or grind down the ends and bottoms
they scratch a little, but the faders themselves are way smooth
maybe just make something out of delrin
yes i sysex'd in a factory preset file but it didnt work
i got it to reset enough that i could build up and save presets, but it didnt load up working presets
at first was too fast, then i make more smaller buffers and it kept in sync
but i dunno maybe too slow
or i had the midi in and out connected to my usb midi, and the zone might have been setup to pass through in to out
so maybe something got confused
reason has a good one
i think i going to get one of those akai mpd controllers

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the aftertouch is super smooth, reason has a virtual mod wheel that tracks it so you can see movement, no jumps, very linear
all i had to do was change a preset battery (just used a pair of AA) and build up a working preset
spent 2 hours doing electronic troubleshooting before i discovered UI detail that made everything work
(have to give unique name to port devices before they show up in zones menu, the hard coded port name wont show up)
so this is way more awesome than the MPK-mini i was using
and hes like fool, youre supposed to be the appregiator, with your fingers
yeah, 80s digital UI is just a fucked situation

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rab: did you see new keyboard!?
i got for free some acoustics guy at work
where did i puts it...
rab: its a Fatar Studio 2001, 88 keys, weighted, aftertouch, 8 zones, 4 midi in, 4 out, 4 slide pots, 2 TS VC inputs, 3 TRS dual switch inputs
like this guy, cept with diff silk
fucking amazing, waaaay better than the mpk88 i picked out for my friend
reason, sometimes reaper vst

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