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i dont think he would care so much about the terminology
i miss slightly overweight chicks with big asses
pretty layout is pretty

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ha so i go to this punk show, headliner is an 80s UK oi band
so they dont show up, because singer is in hospital, not surprising
and coworkers daughter shows up
sure but off limits
and she was like one of two girls there
there was this shorty with a big ass looked interesting, but after walking through i did not see her again
tekrad: i dont think he cares about that, but in general its prob a bad idea to boff the daughter of a guy you basically work for
also she seems to belong to some other penis
whats a pillow pet
but yeah, big city is small

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speakers are back \o/

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macegr: so old

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i really should setup an acct on the bots...
or actually init said i was already on them so i just have to like talk to it
anyway someone ban this person

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with filled via it should be okay, if they can control it

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tekrad: like vias interfering with pads? and no have not done blind vias
vias and pads you usually just have to ignore drc
ask the board house, shrug
like, you mean in the bga pad? or in a pad on the other side
and no, i alway see the via next to the pad

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