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guys its cold

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hey wait thats not an st logo

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only a few

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he buys them predesigned by chinese farmgirls
oh man im going to miss namm this year
big pro/musicians audio trade show

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like urmom
hah, bad cable
figured a qa reject from nico

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people are being all happy and cheerful outside
dont they know its cold!?
jezus fuck i need a heater
Paesano Bread
10" pizza crust covered with a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, baked to perfection, brushed with garlic butter, dusted with parmesan cheese and served with a side of marinara.

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anyway how that sounds depends a lot on the floor above
and man fuck servicing that shit
im going to order pizza maybe
reza____: so they are less sensitive to temp variations?
also prob lower noise
fuck you snowman
see my shit is almost as cold

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two next to each other would be okay
yeah i was in a foley mix studio like that
subwoofer was built into a conrete box below floor level
under tv
yes, seen this, would suck if it sounded crap
i should go buy food
work people prob still at bar a mile away but its cold like a mfkr
well just normal speaker
could configure it however you wanted
they make high Qts open baffle drivers
you can just bolt them into walls or floor without cabs and still get decent response

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reference monitors
and matching sub
basically 5 studio reference speakers
thats how they mix the shit
then its about your room
you would check on that shit
this is how you test material and sell speakers
more and youll have even more issues with phasing

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want =(
i maybe go back to work tonight or tomorrow or who knows
and play with the rane dsp box
1u thing, 2 in 4 out, controll dsp with a windows app
er 6 out
(for stereo triamps)
means plus music in, comes out feed to 6 amps, then every driver gets its own amp
no passive xovers

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not bad
did you melt them?
inittab: i had to move 100mi up the coast
now living 2mi from the beach, 2mi from work
drive home to LA way too much =\
they brought in snow for our xmas party
some of it is still there in the parking lot after almost a week
i didnt go because too cold already
im like fuck snow
hahaha inorite =\
itll work okay until it gets hot
i dunno i only go to the main building for tacos
hot would be more than 85C

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but like i can listen to a song and figure out most basslines pretty quick, not tone deaf, can keep decent timing
dont practice, dont produce enough work to get good at anything
but i could prob walk into a studio and get a job doing sound engineering and studio tech work
like, oddly at new company, i am one of the few people with deep audio background
because home audio with a lot of networking and software people from other industries
so not a lot of musicians or people playing with live sound
same thing
bigger place

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i got a sot23 one
hall sensor to amp to open drain
well, two i guess so it could do both orientations
oh weird actually im not sure what you mean
this weekend i get rid of all the boxes
or most at least
and bring turntables home
i got two keyboard stands, one for new keyboard and one for turntables
now i need a mixer =(
not seriously but ive always fucked with gear
'i dont play bass, i play with my bass'
ive been saying this like a decade

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is it the sot223 (<3) or the to220?
no heatsink?
Rth case and Rth ambient are 4 and 60, so call it 30, your rise should be like 15c
should be fine
even open air should be fine unless youre running the shit in like 100C ambient
1A could be at 10V input
i still think its the TVS, unless youve tested the part alone

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it says dont use it past 26v
well 10s is longer than 1ms
pretty sure ive seen that shit
well if it doesnt work at 24v, thats a problem
if it thermal shuts down at 24v, thats prob normal
if it it dies at 26.5v, then dont do that
is it run at 25C
how does it not get hot its dropping half a watt
billion amps?
gpf: which part are you using?
hahaha rawk
thats so awesome
which part are you using?

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and hitting abs max may destroy it
and check electrical characteristics for true operational specs
it says 45V for 1ms
that doesnt mean 44V forever
well depends on the device
it dies at 24V?
or it shuts down
thats past operational voltage
we have one in the lab
well this shit is telling you that you shouldnt go past 26v
and that itll survive pulses up to these voltages
this is useful information

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because you exceeded abs max
thats normal
you hit 26v its allowed to die
itll survive a 4kV 100pF blast through 1.5K tho
uh, right
well it does, no?
well whats it loaded with
again thats a totally normal note and you guys are trippin
its burning half a watt
its twisted because lawyers advised the guy who wrote it
thats standard for *every* semi corp datasheet
abs max ratings means itll die
operational ratings dont mean itll work in all conditions
load it with an amp i guarantee it wont work long dropping 20V
well tell me what im reading
it says it doesnt always work even when within operational spec

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TI says that?
no i thought maybe it was from the encoder datasheet
Absolute Maximum Ratings are limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Operating Conditions are conditions under which
the device functions but the specifications might not be guaranteed. For guaranteed specifications and test conditions see the Electrical
totally normal?
if they spec a part as .0006% THD, and voltage rate it from 0-30V, 36V abs max
that doesnt mean its always going to get .0006% THD when you run it between its operation rails
no you go past abs max its allowed to die
unless it has specific pulse rating that says it wont
well it says operating conditions do not gaurantee all specifications, check the electrical specs
blackmoon: they use the same note twice?
im looking at it, its a note for the abs max section and operating ratings section

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else you just get shit hot and nothing gets wet
just sitting their with an iron fucking up pads and traces like an idiot
customer returns, you maybe use lead free
936 and fx888 are about 60w
temp regulated tho
60w iron unregulated would melt rohs solder, but destroy parts
also rohs solder corrodes tips
i can do stupid stupid shit with hakko tips with lead solder
like, on all night or a weekend, temp above 400C
stab tip in sponge or brass coils and shit is like new, theyre permatinned
do that once with rohs solder on the tip and just get a new tip
you have to file through the plating to fix it, which means its going to oxidize as soon as you leave it on for 10m without tinning the tip
which in a lab means within a couple hours

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when fiberglass panels they burns theyre toxic as fuck
but i dont think its the glass, its the resin matrix
its fine
itll make the whole thing suck way more
but this prob isnt going to turn out pretty for you anyway, so iunno
but itll work if youre good
prob too rigid?
flexible, extremely low melting point when mixed with tin
some genius figured out the melting point of both is lower than of each alone
i work in an R&D lab, typically the boards i work on are from production or production style prototypes
so they come with lead free, we never uses lead free to work on them
first thing you do when working on a part is either flood it with gel flux or flood it with leaded solder

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excuse = profit
bitgod: if you want to do electronics, get a hakko fx-888
if you cant afford that, your question is kind of out of context in this channel
just use any shit unregulated iron, its going to suck pretty equal
i suggest using a fuck ton of flux
gpf: this is typically what companies do when they have no new products lined up
if you cant get new business, try and make more money off the business you already have
and like you said, company rep turns to shit, and cycle gets worse, until they die or get bought
i would use the cutting torch
just make big circle cuts around the caps, take pcb with them
blackmoon: i dont know

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sounds like an industrial component to me, shrug
im not disagreeing with you im just not surprised at all
no im saying the encoder
the whole assembly
so the LDO blows up?
blackmoon: well in a perfect work
but for it to be integrated into a system, im not surprised they took the lowest max voltage rating in the system and used it as their operating voltage
which is prob why they used a 26v part
im sure its like $200 or $300
industrial components = money, design if often simple enough to be scary
youre surprised they costed down the part? =(
companies have whole departments for just that

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pull the tvs see if it fixes it
if problem goes away, replace it with like a 32 or 35v part
for the TVS or the encoder?
oh youre saying this fucks up way lower than 26v?
im saying the 28v TVS is going active at 26v
well my first guess would still be a low range batch of tvs
well, rock n roll, yo
26v abs max part should work to towards 30v
gpf: nice
blackmoon: those specs always have headroom
youre a dick if you design to them
discrete shit is diff theyre usually rated exactly based on nominal thermal specs and temp rating

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you would think at high voltage they would work great until they wouldnt work at all
but it might be because of light leakage
unless the shit is regulated to the emitter, then id guess some thermal issue
well thats cool some LDO would just blow up!
26 is 2 above 24, shrug
bitgod: wtf is a 10w
it fucks up?
or just performance sucks
holy shit
terminal or it recovers?
zener TVS
is my guess
theyre usually pretty coarse as far as operating tolerances
so maybe you got a low one and theyre dicks for picking one to low
no im saying maybe it has a TVS inside
thats why it shorts when voltage is too high
yeah thats the issue
low range batch, 28V tvs is too low for 26V operation

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electrolytics do that too
amp will short thorugh them, thenn they blow up and a lead rips off
problem fixed
lots of PSU will hiccup indefinitely during OC (theyre kind of all supposed too...)
so itll just pulse the shit until it tries and the current sink is gone
gpf: heh, sometimes during development that fuse ends up being bigger than it needs to be...
niusance blowing of fuses is bad juju in audio, customers hate it
typically all power gear will use fuseholders integrated into IEC power inputs
switch encoders?
or opticals or what

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